Detest voicing “sorry.”


There has been an increasingly prevalent phenomenon existent in our society. That is, people, especially those youths featuring little life experience, tend to employ the term “sorry” in their daily life. On the surface, this terminology simply symbolizes their courtesy and compromise if there is any error yielded. However, this situation, if not harnessed well enough, is very likely to make people become even more accustomed to not holding themselves accountable for their own wrongdoings. In light of this, let our focus be placed on this topic as indicated above with a view to making you fully understand how you ought to perceive this peculiar word. 


It goes without saying that it is inevitable that we may possibly make errors in whatever we do, primarily because nobody throughout the world is impeccable. As a consequence, we may sporadically or frequently make mistake provided we are not good enough to tackle our own tasks. But unfortunately, with the prevalence of saying sorry among people, people tend to understate the importance of fulfilling their job so well that no complaint is to come into being. This is precisely or partially due to the fact that saying “sorry” has become their sublime shelter. For instance, many irresponsible drivers, who could have comprehended the fatal repercussion of their fast-speed driving, killed those innocent victims. This does not necessarily mean that they were not aware of this sort of incidents. Contrary to this, they were fully aware of this and still adhered to what they felt like doing, taking the risk of putting those victims’ lives in jeopardy. In the wake of the whole incident, they still may turn to “saying sorry” as a way to keep themselves well shielded, paving the way for the forgiveness from the victims’ family members. The fact shows that this sort of scenario has been repetitiously going on each day on the streets of our society. Unless we comprehensively undergo a reform for our ailing concept of turning to “saying sorry” as a solution to this predicament, our society is to aggravate on an incessant basis. 


Holding ourselves responsible can be taken as the only element that can fully stand for our maturity and personal value. That is, we are not to turn to any inexcusable pretext as our shelter for our folly. Accompanied by this positive concept, our sense of responsibility toward whatever we do can be made possible, able to greatly minimize the likelihood of yielding any undesirable or unforgivable mistake. Simultaneously, we are to be highly valued by others on account of our sense of accountability, together with our less likelihood of making mistakes. That is why I pinpointed the very concept: “Detest voicing sorry.” 





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