In the past, technology was not fully advanced; however, exquisiteness was prevalent and enormously influenced how people lived. The most fatal drawback derived from technology was the deterioration of delicacy rarely found within our society. This stemmed from the nearly insane, excessive pursuit of velocity in order to meet the requirement of the vast majority of people, for whom speed means efficiency. But ironically, the essence of exquisiteness has been inadvertently or intentionally overlooked. For this reason, our focal point today is exquisiteness, the impact of which upon our life cannot afford to be demeaned or understated. 


Exquisiteness is closely linked to the accumulation of time, contradictory to people’s habit and anticipation today. Nevertheless, people today are mindless of how important it is to highly value the term exquisiteness. This situation is derived from their inaccurate concept that efficiency can simultaneously coexist with exquisiteness. But unfortunately, they lose sight of the incompatible attribute between two of them. This can be clarified by the exquisiteness of homemade dinner absolutely unavailable from the fast-food restaurants ubiquitous in our society. Given this point, instead of seeking what is called superficial efficiency, we should hold dear the concept that exquisiteness is supposed to be taken as our top priority. 


The prerequisite desperately needed prior to the emergence of exquisiteness is patience, contradictory to so-called speed or efficiency. But this concept has been ignored by the vast majority of people today, featuring their inclination to keep themselves closely attached to speed. This is fatal to the formation of exquisiteness; hence, we have to bear in mind that only when we are in possession of profuse patience can we be entitled to relish the benefit of exquisiteness. With this in mind, our adherence to both patience and perseverance must be inscribed in our mind so that we are not to be distant from what is called exquisiteness. 


Another benefit stemming from exquisiteness is people’s positive recognition, something that can in effect reflect our value for what we present to others. This feedback will subsequently be followed by the homage unveiled from their acclamation and best acceptance. Buttressed and empowered by these two essential elements, we may have infinite momentum to face people and, in particular, ourselves. Fearless of confronting people, we may equip ourselves with our image inundated with self-confidence, an invincible apparatus to help garner people’s reverence. In short, our embracement of exquisiteness can help locate our personal value for certain. 


While searching for efficiency marked by its derivative called speed, we must bear in mind that exquisiteness may very likely begin to decline or vanish. To keep our exquisiteness intact or thriving, a series of elements must be well kept in our mind, which consist of patience, accumulation of time and our aspiration for better recognition among people. Once able to put into effect those three major points, you are to be accessible to exquisiteness for sure.





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