Step by step 


Inclined to long to have expeditious success, we may tend to remain impatient in the course of seeking our ultimate goal. This peculiar characteristic, if not well harnessed, is to do the harm to our accessibility to our final success. This is primarily because something just takes some time, for time has played nearly an irreplaceable, decisive role in making us accessible to success. However, many people are mindless of this situation, including many of my former students. As a result, I would like to single out “step by step” as the focal point for my lecture today. 


“Step by step” does not seem that desirable amongst people due to their misconception possessed by them. That is, they feel that they have to undergo a rather tedious, time-consuming procedure to attain their desired goal. Efficiency, as a result, may become inaccessible to them. Misled by this inaccurate concept, they begin to demean or look down upon the importance of doing things on a step-by-step basis. Under such circumstances, they may possibly end up confronting a chaotic situation complex enough to make them distant from success. This is mainly due to their fast-paced behavior more likely to result in fatal errors, thus making them ineligible to reach what is called success. 


Overall, things are composed of a series of steps that must be taken to get the job done. And those steps involved have interrelated and interwoven relationship with each other. As a result, any missing step is to jeopardize the whole operation, deserving to be noticed by each one of us. For example, inside a skyscraper, the collapse of any layer may cause a detrimental, destructive impact upon the whole building. That is why I lay stress upon the importance and essence of step-by-step concept in order that none of you will detest the implementation of this notion to make you fully entitled to your wanted success


The step-by-step concept will enable us to become immune from the encroachment of disorganized predicament. But unfortunately, many people didn’t recognize this point. Anything contradictory to organization is not to contribute to success for sure. This is principally because disorganization is to make things unable to be precisely executed for each imperative sector. As a result, it is likely to subsequently arouse errors that could possibly blockade our path to success. More important is that with the completion of each step involved comes our ample confidence necessary for our subsequent steps to be taken. This can also help diminish the probability of emergence of our sense of doubt as to whether we can achieve our personal objective. 


The concept brought forward above may be of great inspiration to us, for it may make us fully conscious of those benefits stemming from the exercise of our step-by-step concept in our task. Instead of keeping us in the plight of chaotic situation, coupled with more undesirable errors, a wholesome step-by-step notion will make it possible for us to remain steady in what we do on account of our confidence derived from our less errors made. Aware of this, we ought to put into effect our step-by-step concept so that our success can be made possible soon. 





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