Unprecedented experience


Unknown and unpredictable to us, our life seems enormously fascinating to us simply because of its vividness and diversity. In light of this, we are inclined to aspire to have many unprecedented experiences for the sake of enriching our life. Today our focal point is aimed at “unprecedented experience,” the implication of which is so immense that it deserves to be fully comprehended by all of you. Your full awareness as to what I addressed above can be definitely to your advantage. 


A monotonous lifestyle may possibly make us get fed up with our status quo, on account of our enormous sense of boredom. To prevent this plight from emerging in our life, we must have access to something that can in effect trigger our momentum desperately needed for our productivity. At this point, seeking an unprecedented experience can keep us vibrant in our spirit and energy. The fact shows that many people are confined to their mechanical lifestyle found hard to keep them thriving when going through their each day. An unprecedented experience to them is no less than a fantasy. Nevertheless, it is our mindset, rather than our hectic lifestyle as our excuse, that can actually determine whether we are to be eligible to relish a better lifestyle marked by its quality and richness. 


Of course, when it comes to having an unprecedented experience, our prerequisite is that any immoral or illegal experience is not to be categorized into part of our unprecedented experience. In other words, our unprecedented experience must be founded on a positive, productive, and admirable precondition so that we may search for it without any apprehension of violating the law or morality. Adherence to this dogma may keep us from getting involved in many an undesirable thing to others. This precondition, if well sustained, will enable us to seek our unprecedented experience with the greatest extent of curiosity and infinite expectation. 


Unprecedented experience, in a way, can let us live much longer and have a much more valuable lifestyle. This theory is very well founded on the notion that those with more momentum and energy are more likely to live longer for certain, since their physical body is replete with energy for their ongoing quest within their lifespan. This advantage has been disregarded by many people who are blindly searching for more advanced medicine or rare food to keep them alive longer. This deed, when weighed against unprecedented experience, can be referred to as far less effective in fulfilling their attempted goal. Given this point, we have to fully open our arms to let unprecedented experience make vivid our lifestyle as expected. 


Unprecedented experience can be interpreted as what can keep inspiring me. Craving for a totally distinctive experience, I may have so many more expectations that vary from those of the past. That is why repetition becomes a rare vocabulary within my lifestyle, which has tremendously benefited me since I was a boy equipped with such a great notion. With the emergence of this concept comes our far more vivid lifestyle where there are countless things awaiting our expedition. It is my conviction that your perception is to be the same as is held by me. 




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