Don’t impose what we detest on others.


Interestingly enough, it can be readily seen that foreigners always interpret Taiwan as a place characterized by people with friendliness and hospitality. However, inside our daily life very often we can witness violent conflicts repeatedly coming into being within where we live. This stark contrast, in a way, clearly sent us a clear message that undoubtedly the way we treat our own people must be somewhat altered so that a more peaceful society can eventually return to where we belong. To this end, the following concept I am about to usher in is: “Don’t impose what we detest on others.”


Seeking self-interest tends to be our inherent characteristic hard to be denied. However, if this trait is overly expanded without any confinement, we may turn out to be someone inundated with possessive inclination as well as greed. As a consequence, we are very likely to end up interpreting taking away others’ benefit for granted. Even worse, we may also remain merciless for those who are in desperate need of help, or who are supposed to be equally treated like us. In light of this, the motto illustrated above seems to have its profound meaning to us. For this reason, never should we impose what we detest on others so as to embody our preference to show our full homage to others, rather than disregarding them. 


Provided we have a deeper glance at this adage, we may easily see that showing reverence to others is the solution to the frequent conflicts happening nowadays on our streets today. That is, only by virtue of our deepest, cordial respect to others can we lay the foundation for the removal of both conflicts and violence that ensues within our society. With this in mind, instead of demeaning the importance of mutual respect, which has been declining with the rapid change of our society and traditional value, we must resume our strong impetus for our respect to others. It is my strong conviction that with the aid of the rebirth of respect to others, a much more harmonious society can be made available and ultimately become a reality we earnestly long to have.


After receiving the concept illustrated above, perhaps violent behaviors in dealing with others are not to be taken into account by you as a solution to your conflict encountered. Indeed, it is undeniable that violent and provocative behaviors have been so pervasive today that we cannot afford to remain mindless of this phenomenon. That means, we ought to revitalize our sense of respect as the cornerstone to bring harmony back to our society, which we hold dear. That is why the motto brought forward above is worth our full implementation. 




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