Dear Gary,


Profoundly influenced by your unrivaled coaching tactics, our national football team has recently won many games. As your supportive fan, I find it very encouraging for me to write this letter to you in the hope that you may fully comprehend how much we appreciate your coaching for our national team which I firmly believe must undergo a comprehensive metamorphosis to get into the stage of the world. I do hope that right after reading this letter, you may come to know that there are countless Taiwanese people, like me, who are so appreciative of your help to our country. 


Indeed, with your aid comes the different atmosphere of our team, which explicitly reflects a rapid change inside the whole team. More important is that the way they kick the ball has become even more sophisticated and professional, derived from your impeccable, invincible guidance. It is my strong belief that those players of our national team will definitely benefit from you for sure during your tenure as their coach. Again, rarely can we locate such a good coach as you, so I perceive your taking this arduous task as our blessing. For this reason, I cannot help writing this letter to unveil my greatest indebtedness to you on behalf of those Taiwanese who appreciate your coaching our national football team as I do. 


Again, let me also avail myself of this great opportunity to tell you my personal impression as to your nicest personal image as a coach here in Taiwan. First, you always carry your genuine smiling face when receiving the interview. This charismatic attribute has won so many people’s hearts in Taiwan. I have to acknowledge that those football players under your guidance are more than fortunate to have you as their beloved coach, a true blessing granted by God. Moreover, instead of taking all the credit, you always modestly attribute the winning of the game to those highly potential players. This fully reflects your best attitude that is worth our players’ learning. Thus, I may boldly proclaim that you can be referred to as the best coach deliberately sent to us by God. 


Prior to the end of my letter, I’d like to fully express my thankfulness for your dedication to our national team and our country. The  best friendship and enormous contribution you have brought to our country are to be embedded in our people’s mind for certain. Once again, I give you my best wishes and hope that you will begin to like a totally new setting while you are in charge of such an important task for your prestigious coaching career. Thank you again for helping Taiwan to make a huge difference for our football industry. May god bless you for your each day while you are in Taiwan.  


Sincerely yours,



Steve LIN





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