We can learn


It is indisputable and inevitable that our life is fraught with countless challenges and difficulties awaiting us to subdue. Since our parents gave birth to us, we have taken on numerous tasks imposed on us, especially in the realm of exams. However, oftentimes as we are defeated by those ordeals, we may possibly end up in the disruption of our personal confidence in whether we are competent enough to cross the barriers ahead of us. The overwhelming repercussion of this scenario is very likely to subsequently demolish or disrupt our confidence in how much we can achieve. This situation, if not well tackled, is to impair our future development, for we are not capable of grappling with those difficult issues in the absence of our ample and exuberant self-confidence. Now let me further articulate the notion that we can learn with a view to enormously inspiring you to such a great extent that you may be accessible to your prosperous future. 


Everything, particularly at the initial stage, is definitely unfamiliar to us, but this does not necessarily mean that this situation is to remain invariable forever. Instead, we may resort to our incessant learning as a means to greatly escalate our familiarity with what we learn. However, while cementing our knowledge and experience, we have to bear in mind that the issue of time should not be overlooked. The fact shows that many people, in the course of attempting to overcome their obstacles, retreat for fear of investing too much time, which literally causes the discontinuity of their learning. As a consequence, they are to lose the privilege of becoming next candidate for their success in learning. With this in mind, never should you remain short-sighted and thus reluctant to spend more energy and time necessary for your intended objective, nor can you remain skeptical about your own learning capability ,which really matters when it comes to prevailing over your trouble of learning. 


Words alone, as I strongly believe, cannot fully convince us; therefore, I am now going to usher in my personal example as an efficacious apparatus to make you better understand the concept: “We can learn.” Oil painting to me was an unprecedented experience, since it was in need of combining many materials and tactics simultaneously. Given my hectic lifestyle in my teaching career, I found it impractical to spare my time for painting class. However, rather than succumbing to this predicament confronted, I tried so hard to embark on my personal quest for the spectrum of oil painting. Though encountering countless failures and setbacks, I remained persistent in seeking my ultimate goal, being a person able to paint something that would enable me to access what is called beauty that could be reflected from the exhibition of my paintings. Thanks in part to my perseverance and unwillingness to yield to any obstacle on the path to my success, I eventually was able to relish the access to the beauty out of my paintings today. The example exhibited right here may send you a fairly clear message that you also can learn to make yourselves able to access numerous seemingly impossible things.  


Based on the imperative notion, “We can learn”, addressed above, I may draw the conclusion that we may learn and that only via our learning can we make possible our metamorphosis needed for our intended success. To make you the next candidate for success, try to remain closely linked to the robust power of learning so as to make your wanted success draw near. 




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