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It has been explicitly observed that the vast majority of Taiwanese students are test-oriented, resulting from the current mechanism of our education system imposed on them. Under such circumstances, they may lose sight of what is essential to their future development, precisely because they have immersed themselves in trying to meet the requirement imposed on them by their school. For instance, in the spectrum of English, scarcely will I behold the student who pays heed to the importance of the capability of making an impromptu speech. That is why I single out this topic for my speech today so that you may become cognizant of how much the impromptu speech means to you.


Normally, students’ English speaking ability is confined to simple, mechanical conversation; as a result, impromptu speech seems overwhelmingly unfamiliar to them. The fact shows that those lack of this sort of discipline are less likely to be perceived as competent in the job market. In light of this, a good English impromptu speech capability is desperately needed for our students today. But unfortunately, falling short of a strong impelling force, our students end up disregarding the importance of cultivating themselves in the realm of English impromptu speech. This situation deserves to be fully comprehended and noticed by parents today.


A good English impromptu speech must be well founded on a time-consuming process, for it involves many aspects of disciplines, such as accent, body language, pronunciation, sentence structures, and, in particular, organizing skill. Just because of the intricacy of a variety of elements involved, many students fear confronting it, thus making them inaccessible to the maturity of their English impromptu speech ability, a casualty, in my view, to them. To secure your competitiveness among those rivals, you are strongly recommended to take into account reshaping that capability to prevent yourselves from being phased out within the setting marked by its fierce competition. 


Overall, rarely can we find someone, even including English instructors, who can provide what is called state-of-the-art impromptu speech in English. This phenomenon results from the misconception of our educational mechanism where the written exam prevails, leading to the current dilemma of our students. To remedy this loophole that may possibly happen to you, you have to change the way you perceive the essence of impromptu speech and regard it as your prime concern when it comes to learning English. Misguided by the inappropriate concept passed on to you from the obsolete relic, you must become fully cognizant of how to confront your task of learning English. That is, little can you disregard or remain mindless of cultivating your impromptu speech capability in order that your competitive advantage can be well founded. 


If you simply have a quick glance at how business is operated in our society, you may find that the value of products is exclusively based on rarity. The fact shows that the vast majority of students today are found devoid of impromptu speech ability, thus making this ability invaluable and deserve your dedicated pursuit. Accompanied by this great apparatus, you may secure become unrivaled when weighed against your adversaries in the job market. In light of this, you ought to do whatever it takes to reinforce your impromptu speech capability in English. As can be well predicted, your invincible status can be made possible in the long run. 





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