Seamless thinking 


My proclamation for this conception is well founded on the viewpoint that our behavior in a way is totally manipulated by our thinking. Our behavior, in short, is merely a reflection of what sort of thinking we possess. From this perspective comes my strong and invariable conviction that a seamless thinking must be embraced so that it can be to our fullest advantage. For this reason, let us have an in-depth perception for this momentous terminology and its overwhelmingly consequential impact upon our life.


Humans tend to be emotional and irrational on account of our inherent instinct. The advantages of that are composed of concern, passion and power. However, its disadvantages also come into being and start to encroach upon our life quality. Among those disadvantages are violence, erroneous judgment, and more likelihood of unwanted failures. With this in mind, we have to scrutinize whether we are equipped with an appropriate mechanism of thinking to keep ourselves from the repercussion of those undesirable disadvantages. At this particular point, our seamless thinking plays a pivotal role in removing them. 


Seamless thinking, more importantly, can help prevent our sense of regret mainly caused by our reckless thinking contradictory to the thinking without any loophole. This type of seamless thinking must be based on our strong will and inclination to get involved in a much more comprehensive observation and contemplation. Buttressed by this thinking pattern, we may tend to be less likely to execute an action that is very likely to end up in our later chaotic dilemma and remorse. It is indisputable that the emergence of our sense of regret will subsequently spawn our physical damage, especially when we are stranded in the abyss of our self-condemnation for our unwise and inappropriate behavior. Ironically, nowadays seamless thinking is no longer highIy valued; instead, our streets are inundated with both conflicts and violence stemming from careless thinking featuring fatal incomplete thinking. As opposed to imprudent thinking, seamless thinking is preferable to our life, and thus must be taken into very careful account prior to the actions taken by us. 


Like a ceaseless fountain, seamless thinking can help spur our full-scale contemplation found more advantageous to our final behavior. As a consequence, we should not succumb to our aspiration to engage in any fast-paced thinking that may possibly keep us stranded in jeopardy or any physical undesirable predicament. In light of this, we are supposed to keep ourselves equipped with seamless thinking with a view to making ourselves feel secure for each action to be taken by us. 


Provided you refer to yourself as someone found hard to remain circumspect and complete in your thinking, those points previously highlighted may come to your aid. It is primarily because those points have already made you fully aware of how we may benefit from seamless thinking. Those imperative concepts consist of the prevention of conflicts and violence that follows. For this reason, prior to taking your action, just consider whether your action is a product of your seamless thinking. 





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