Perceive this vivid world with your greatest enthusiasm and curiosity.


Overall, people tend to be self-centered and thus overlook what is happening around them. This situation may keep them fully preoccupied with those things merely relevant to themselves without paying any regard to other things that can be exceedingly valuable to them. To me, their detachment from what they could have perceived can be regarded as their loss for expanding their vision and insight. In light of this, I am more than willing to delve into this notion together with all of you so that you may benefit from its company. 


Based on our inborn human characteristic, we are likely to assess what is absolutely needed for our daily life. On account of this mechanism, many imperative, inspirational issues or things are likely to be inadvertently overlooked. This is to pave the way for the dilemma that they lose sight of many opportunities of perceiving things as the groundwork to enrich their life. Again, many people become far too dependent on the pursuit of knowledge from so-called academic institutes, such as the school we went to. However, they are oblivious of another great device that can be further employed to cement their knowledge they long to have, namely, their perception. The absence of this great apparatus is to lead to a loophole for our life in the absence of our perception as the source of our wisdom. 


People are accustomed to watching those movies produced from Hollywood, because of those actors’ professional acting ability, together with the peculiar “artificial” image that totally dramatizes the content of the movie. Nevertheless, I prefer watching the “genuine movie” that means a lot more to me. For instance, I once witnessed a young couple furiously arguing with each other. At that particular moment, instead of walking away from this fascinating scenario based on a real life, I lingered and stuck around there to enjoy watching my “genuine movie.” As it turned out, the guy, as a result of his supreme fury, threw away his girlfriend’s key chain, which was hard to be retrieved. Right after watching this “genuine movie” totally distinctive from Hollywood movies, I was so exhilarated simply because of accessing this scarce and inspirational experience. Speaking of this, aren’t you going to capture your own movie next? 


People are very likely to remain monotonous, thanks in part to their mechanical lifestyle, such as those of you serving as students imposed with a rigid, inflexible lifestyle. As a consequence, they may get fed up with their current lifestyle and start to fall into depression detrimental to their life quality. To counter this problem, embarking on your immediate perception to expand your tentacles can be the solution to your problem faced. By restoring to our sharp perceptive capability to indiscriminately perceive things, we may readily tackle our sense of monotony and regain our great momentum toward our daily life. 


I have to acknowledge that my inclination to perceive things did benefit my life, nearly making me mindless of the existence of boredom. With the company of this great element comes my immunity from the encroachment of tedious life detrimental to our health. For this reason, I feel more than willing to pass on this great concept, featuring our sensitive perception, to all of you. It is my cordial expectation that you keep this notion deeply embedded in your mind so that you may start to relish a lifestyle immune from what is called monotony. Prior to the end of this article, let me reiterate this concept that can help access your perceptive capacity, added with your greatest curiosity, to expose yourself to a new phase of your life. 





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