Passion toward ongoing amelioration.


There is always a criterion that can classify or determine the level of quality, regardless of what we are engaged in. However, the vast majority of people tend to remain mindless of what needs to be further conducted right after they approach that level. As it turns out, their further improvement or more advantages may possibly remain stagnant or even come to an end for good. In light of many students who departed from Aplus English, and whose incessant efforts toward learning English discontinued, I feel the privilege to give you this reminder for the sake of keeping the notion of ceaseless efforts deeply embedded in your mind.


Stagnancy, in a way, may keep us stranded in what is called self-discontent or strong sense of monotony, due to the same situation going on. Comfortable as we are due to the emergence of our provisional success or achievement, we may become ignorant of the importance of what needs to be exercised next. The aimlessness coming into being may be devastating to our great momentum toward what we have been doing. Thus, rarely can we find any excuse to defend our inclination to stop improving ourselves.


Moreover, our passion toward our further improvement may keep us aware of how to make us accessible to a more prospective future, rather than perhaps an ephemeral achievement or reputation. At this point, our insatiable manner will play a decisive role in making our passion toward our subsequent improvement exuberant and inexhaustible. In fact, our current full satisfaction about our performance may pave the way for the destitute of our future destiny, especially when our competitive advantage is found no longer existent because of the emergence of our adversaries that make us give way to them in terms of our professional status. 


Passion is the key to the fermentation of our immersion, something vital to our genuine performance or substantial metamorphosis. On many occasions, preoccupation does play a decisive role in making us more acquainted with so-called niche and relevant knowhow. For this reason, for those who long to acquire more sophisticated discipline in their professionalism, passion is absolutely needed. That is, passion is the only element that can help facilitate the increment of our familiarity with what we do, a guarantee for our final success. That is why passion, when weighed against any other factor for our success, has its invincible position worth our full attention and implementation. Aware of this, rarely will I let my passion decline or fade away in whatever I do as the best assurance for my immortal improvement. 


Passion can be made available to us in case we are equipped with our strong incentive to involve substantial, in-depth expedition for anything intriguing our eyes. It needs our more enthusiasm to keep it vibrant. Thus, we have to, whenever possible, reassess whether our passion toward what we do remains intact. If not, just do whatever you can to keep it thriving, or you may be besieged soon by those undesirable things, consisting of frustration, depression, fatigue, disappointment, etc. With this in mind, just keep your passion toward what you have been doing incessant without any chance to be quenched. 




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