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It can be readily comprehended that this course is aimed at enormously enhancing your English writing ability. To this end, a wholesome, efficacious measure must be implemented so that your ultimate goal can be achieved. In my view, I feel the need of further unveiling some tactics concerned with how to make a huge difference for your final outcome of learning so that your precious time is not to be to no avail. 


Take it for granted that blindly or aimlessly pursuing, instead of having a concrete initiative or blueprint, a steadfast writing skill is no less than a fallacy. That means, you have to orchestrate all the steps involved in order to keep everything well organized, and thus subsequently smoothly operated. In light of this, you have to possess a comprehensive strategy to deal with each different paragraph, with its various functions and specialties. The reason is that the strategy made available can keep you from being disoriented. For example, in terms of dealing with either “picture-related” or essay question, you have to become fully conscious of how to embark on your opening statement, expansion for your major point, and your final conclusive statement to make complete your article. That is why I lay stress upon the awareness of specifying each paragraph with preparedness, rather than with mindlessness that can very likely give rise to a fairly disappointing result, a poor grade. 


Having just a bit more enthusiasm toward your writing practice, you may pave the way for a much more fruitful learning result. Many students prefer attending the writing class to engaging in a substantial, monotonous and perhaps time-consuming process. This situation stems from their inclination to have success in getting things effortlessly, not an uncommon outcome of human nature. Again, writing is far more complex than dealing with grammar, since all the things, including a persuasive scenario and logical context, will have to be contemplated when you involve writing practice, the function of which can help acquaint yourself more with how to write more effectively. Only by having genuine practice for writing can you fully comprehend how to orchestrate each element necessary for your content involved, which has been explicitly manifested in the first paragraph. In light of this, you have to remove your absurd concept of upgrading your writing skill by your exclusive reliance on listening to the lecture, which is, to some extent, preposterous. Moreover, the feedback you are to acquire from your instructor may shed light on you as you are stranded or remain stagnant in your improvement in the realm of writing. 


Put into effect what you have already learned so as to transform your article into a more advanced one, instead of feeling comfortable with the way you previously wrote. This concept, when it comes to writing practice, is essential to your metamorphosis needed to reshape your writing style. For example, once knowing the existence of inverse sentence which is started by a prepositional phrase, featuring an origin of location, placed at the front of a sentence, you are strongly recommended to apply this concept to your next article, regardless of whether you need to use it or not. For example, look at this sentence: “Inside the museum lies an artifact that really intrigues me.” By immediately putting into effect this inverse sentence, your quick, reactive capability can be made available because of your authentic implementation for this inverse sentence. Aware of this consequence, rarely can you find any reason not to do so provided you are so concerned about cementing your writing skill.


I have seen many students who have difficulty staying away from their dilemma confronted. Namely, they could not write an article that could lead to a satisfactory result.  It is my invariable conviction that many of them were found devoid of having failed to follow those significant principles highlighted above. To make yourself more accessible to a more competent writing skill, those points addressed above are worth being taken into account. Your genuine execution for those points I have just passed on to you can make you fully entitled to pride yourself on your superb writing skill others envy. 





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