When fantasy is gone, wisdom emerges. 


Our life can be imbued with diverse types of thinking because of our sophisticated mechanism of mediation. While getting involved in thinking, we may possibly tend to perceive wisdom as our supreme objective. However, many people are likely to remain ignorant of one important concept as indicated above as our topic for my lecture today. So, now let us turn our full attention to this statement to comprehend its concealed allusion that deserves to be delved into by all of us. 


In fact, fantasy, rather appealing to each one of us because of its infinite boundary and easy access, is in effect contradictory to what I call wisdom. For this reason, we have to sort out their respective attributes so as to keep ourselves from being engulfed by fantasy, thus subsequently paving the way for the emergence of our wisdom. But unfortunately, the vast majority of people are unable to become aware of how to tackle their inclination to cling to fantasy. As a consequence, they gradually distance themselves from what is called wisdom. As opposed to wisdom, fantasy seems much simpler and more accessible as a result of its simplicity and its ease to be sparked thanks to our impulse considered devoid of full-scale contemplation. However, in contrast to fantasy, wisdom is in need of our accumulation of knowledge and experience to make it accessible to us. For example, many people are blindly and earnestly searching for money and material life in the absence of the great opportunity to access wisdom. This situation, if overlooked by them, is to be detrimental to their life quality because of the deprivation of their access to wisdom. For instance, a wise person can be readily exempt from the tremendous stress stemming from the pursuit of material life and money. By contrast, a person with fantasy for these two appealing but empty things is to be stranded in their entangled predicament of intricate lifestyle, featuring both stress and apprehension of failure, with no way out. 


To some extent, wisdom is somewhat hard to be made attainable to us, for it takes lots of patience, perseverance and efforts to acquire our eligibility for wisdom. For example, humans, until today, still have trouble finding the wisdom needed to remove the brutal wars on this planet. By the same token, our conflict with our family members, friends or even those we have never known can be fairly frequently found in our daily life. But this does not necessarily mean that wisdom will be inaccessible to us, depending on how we perceive our life from a rather positive perspective so that when it comes to dealing with our material life, money and fierce competition, we may confront them with our wholesome concept and positivism. Wisdom is also characterized by our inclination to understate or even annihilate the source of misgiving. More important is that torture is another element necessary for our wisdom to be made available to us. But unfortunately, people today are relentlessly immersed in seeking comfort and profit, making them disqualified to get close to what I call wisdom. That is, only through the authentic experience of trauma from our life can we truly understand the very value of wisdom for life. 


Though superficial and somewhat disorganized, what has been addressed above can be of great inspiration to you if seriously taken by all of you. Again, another thing you also ought to bear in mind is that wisdom is absolutely a precondition needed for our genuine happiness where peace in mind with no competition can be made available at length. Once able to eliminate those factors that stay in your way, such as obsession, material life and money, you are fully eligible to be delineated as another candidate for wisdom. 




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