Follow your guts


It is undeniable that people long to have quick success, which has always been regarded as their prime concern. In the wake of the emergence of this concept, many people are confined to some obstacles, partially on account of their timidity. For example, they fear confronting what is called setback, or even others’ ruthless criticisms. As a result, they tend to end up becoming discouraged, losing their original incentive to seek their originally intended success. In light of this, I am going to address an imperative conception closely linked to your future success: “Follow your guts.” Right after the end of this lecture, perhaps your momentum toward what you intend to accomplish for yourself may begin to evolve to such a great extent that you are to be equipped with opulent momentum toward your life objective. 


Since our birth, we have been taught the importance of security as a result of our inherent physical fragility, derived from our parents’ strong willingness to keep us safe and well protected. The fact shows that on many occasions we have been overly shielded, with our parents inadvertently instilling a conservative and fearful characteristic that can possibly do the damage to our life career. Inundated with too much inclination to seek what I called security, we may tend to be exposed to lots of potential opportunities that need to have guts as the prerequisite to get the job done. For example, many students have been wondering why they have to put themselves at the stake of having more than two million dollars of debt from the bank to go abroad. Their straightforward concept makes them reconsider whether going abroad is an appropriate, wise decision, simply because of the immense amount of money involved. However, we should perceive this issue from the perspective of future potential; therefore, we may have ample guts to confront our challenges faced, rather than succumbing to our sense of fear.  


I used to be far from experienced in the spectrum of teaching English. That means, the majority of life career has been associated with doing business with my foreign counterparts. So, by the time I was told to undertake the position as an English teacher, I was stunned to get involved in something so unprecedented to me. Of course, uncertainty and apprehension besieged me priori to accepting this unprecedented profession, making me wonder whether I should shift my career to another profession so exotic to me. Interestingly enough, my guts, an element that meant a lot to me at that moment, made me accept this great profession with comfort, willingness and confidence. This great thing, gut, has in effect made this challenging teaching career accessible to me. I could have been deprived of this great opportunity of cultivating countless promising students in the realm of English had I not possessed my guts necessary for my intended objective. That is why hardly can I wait to unravel the essence and advantages of guts to all of you with a view to making you intrepid when you are in the face of your personal challenges and difficulties in the years ahead. 


Guts, though obscure and intangible, can be of great advantage to you once well employed in your life. Facing our potential difficulties, we may consider using our guts to go through or even prevail over our predicament designed by God to substantiate our capability and eligibility for our intended success. Fearless of any predictable or unpredictable difficulties and risk, our guts may act as an efficacious catalyst to facilitate what we should or can do. With the aid of our guts, lots of our tentacles and actions are to come into being and thus pave the way for our ultimate success.  





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