A letter to Fred

Dear Fred,


Right after going through your article previously presented to me, I have to acknowledge that you have made lots of prominent progress of which you can be proud. Again, within our lifespan what is vital to us is our incessant expedition for what we are versed in. This is primarily because our inherent talent is not going to be a waste if fully developed. In your case, the way you learned before was not deemed appropriate; thus, your reconstruction in the realm of English can make up your drawback in the field of English. Knowing your recent efforts made, I was delighted to see your personal devotion to what needs to be learned at this point in time for you. Of course, in terms of your participation, you tend to be somewhat inactive, partially due to your inborn characteristic. However, never should you let it stay in your way when it comes to your learning. Instead, you ought to perceive it as something unbearable to you so that you may feel the need of annihilating this fragility promptly.


Indeed, when finding a competent instructor or professor, you are strongly recommended to get close to him in order that you may fully expose yourself to his specialities whose function may further inspire you so much that you are to benefit for sure. For this reason, whenever possible, just try to have some dialogue with me for further discussion for any issue that interests you. By so doing, you may gradually come up with some substantial ideas as to how to cope with your task of learning in the form of full accuracy. And I will be more than willing to share with you some of my personal viewpoints that can further trigger your strong incentive to augment your English ability. 


The fact shows that our lifespan tends to be somewhat limited in terms of its length. For this reason, there is no time that should be wasted so recklessly that we may accomplish something that can make us fully content with what we can do for not merely ourselves but those who mean a lot to us. Again, the aim of this letter is to let you become fully aware of how significant your future success is to me. Given this point, you have to do whatever you can to accelerate your learning so that very soon success will be at your doorstep. God bless you.


Very sincerely,


Steve LIN 






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