My philosophical mentor: Henry Matisse 


It is undeniable that everybody has his/her own mentor, and there is no exception for me. My mentor, who has profoundly influenced me, is Henry Matisse, a renowned French abstract painter. What really makes him so peculiar to me is his relentless aspiration toward his life pursuit as a painter. Irrespective of his masterpieces ever coined by him, his lifelong dedication to the pursuit of beauty and fine art has been embedded in my heart. That is, he, regardless of his crippled body because of ailment encountered, adhered to his painting activities, even when he sat on his wheel chair or lied on his bed, unable to move. Incapable of being involved in regular painting activity by using brushes, he embarked on another means to continue his paining activity, namely cutting different colors of papers to constitute a painting, which impressed me most for the rest of my life. Like him, I will definitely follow his footsteps, never ever succumbing to any obstacle ahead of me as I am in pursuit of fine arts as my hobby. 


Now let us take a deeper look at this issue so that you may positively get inspired by this great artist as well. His ceaseless pursuit makes me fully convinced that our life is not to fade away provided we have a strong incentive to achieve our ultimate goal. That means, age is not to be a determinant to impair our devotion to what we do; instead, it is our perseverance and immersion that can keep us moving forwards. Buttressed by our positive thinking, we may understate the menace derived from our declining physical condition. In other words, regardless of his ailing physical condition, he might vanquish all the barriers staying ahead of him for the sake of utilizing his remaining energy to conduct something that was perceived as arduous to him from the perspective of his physical capacity. In short, he is absolutely more than inspirational to all of us.


On the other hand, he also sent us a clear message that love what you actually do, an incentive that may keep you from losing your great momentum desperately needed for your life career. Had he not been fond of what he actually did, he could have yielded to his declining physical health, letting his involvement with painting come to a halt. For this reason, never should you remain ignorant of the importance of enjoying what you do, especially when it comes to learning English deemed arduous by numerous students today. Only when you are equipped with this superb concept can you fuel your interest because of the presence of your fondness toward what you do. 


Indeed, our mentors may shed light on us, especially in the course of learning. The way they act, when weighed against their knowledge passed on to us, can be of greater importance in terms of inspiring us. In short, the spirit that made my mentor so special deserves to be reassessed in order that how he behaved may well trigger your strong incentive, not to get involved in painting activity, to explore what interests you most so that your intended success can soon be accessible to you. 





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