The exquisiteness of sentences


Within the spectrum of English writing, there are two elements worthy of our full attention: coherence and sentences. But unfortunately, the vast majority of instructors and students pay more heed to the expeditions of coherence rather than sentences. As it turns out, the importance of sentences has been overlooked because of time-honored prejudice. To keep all of you on the right track in the course of coping with English writing, I’d like to spell out the beauty of sentences and how they can substantially escalate your quality of English writing. 


Sentences, like the bricks, can be diverse and manipulated at will, thus making them exceedingly appealing to us. Unlike something mechanical, sentences feature their flexibility and vividness. Thus, we may put them under our perfect control, depending on our willingness and needs. Based on this mechanism, we may experience lots of sense of freedom, rather than confinement or any unnecessary restraints imposed on us. Thus, when dealing with sentences, I always feel like swimming in an infinite ocean where I may access the intricacy and beauty of sentences. 


I am not personally opposed to making use of encouragement as a means to foster or cement students’ incentive to further explore the realm of English writing. However, never should we be content with students’ ability to depict things by using simpler sentences. The reason is that those simpler sentences are found not adequate to cover the needs of writing an academic article, not to mention the official English exam. For this reason, rarely should we have the hallucination that those simpler sentences can lead to our relatively high scores. Instead, they can at best help trigger our interest in English writing at the initial stage. As a result, we are not supposed to succumb to intricate sentences so as to augment the value of our article presented to others for evaluation.


But again, what can help elevate our quality of sentences? I strongly believe that this could be your prime concern when it comes to your presence here today. Here is what I had done before to quickly achieve my professional writing skill. In my view, it can be taken as your best reference as you are stranded in your own predicament while pursuing a more advanced English writing skill. That is, try to accumulate as many beautiful sentences as possible as the cornerstone to make a huge difference for your better future performance in the domain of English writing. Another point is that once having those typical sentences, you have to put into effect those sentences to boost your writing quality. In fact, through the full implementation of using those newly acquired sentences, you may garner a more comprehensive concept as to how to employ them in your article. 


Indeed, the way we perceive things is what is to determine our next action taken. Perhaps what has been addressed above may further inspire you to such a great extent that you will feel more willing to delve into the beauty of sentences. My immutable concept is that it is through exercising those points indicated above that you may lay the foundation for a much more sophisticated writing skill others envy. 





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