Apprehension: our potential enemy for health


Replete with those people suffering from depression fatal to their health and life quality, our society has to undergo a reconstruction so that the prevalence of apprehension can come to a halt. The fact shows that countless people misinterpret their sense of precaution as apprehension; as a result, the number of people succumbing to apprehension has soared throughout the whole Taiwan. In light of this, there is a desperate need for us to positively perceive the term apprehension with a view to keeping us immune from the harm derived from the emergence of apprehension.


Apprehension, when mingled with uncertainty, is to have its more devastating repercussion upon our life quality. As a consequence, the syndrome of depression is to subsequently emerge. To prevent ourselves from being assailed by the overwhelming damage caused by our depression, what is central to us is to demolish the existence of our sense of apprehension. To this end, the prerequisite that needs to be made available is our sense of hope that stands for the concept that anything can be better off on account of our reluctance to yield to our difficulties or potential risk faced. That means, our optimistic attribute reflected from the way we perceive our life with confidence and greater sense of hope can help eradicate apprehension that is found potentially detrimental to our health. 


But again, how can we remain optimistic and pleasant when going through our each day, especially when lots of stress is imposed on us for our better academic performance or better earning capacity in the job market? In countering this predicament, what we actually need is our capability of locating something that can bring us the pleasance when we go through each arduous and monotonous day. The enjoyment we find can keep us from the exposure to both pessimism and monotony, which may in effect erode our passion toward life. From this standpoint comes my unshakable conviction that we should, whenever needed or possible, try to expand our tentacles to see how the exotic people live with comfort and happiness that stem from their daily life. Only by doing this can we drastically and successfully change the way we perceive how we live and what should be conducted accordingly to make our life vivid and valuable in our own mind. For example, the way Mexican people lived, when I studied in the USA, was inadvertently noticed, which means that their life was found imbued with optimism no matter what happened to them. Their lifestyle made me fully convinced that money does not have a direct linkage with the source of our apprehension or depression that follows. That is, to cement our strength needed for dealing with so-called apprehension, never should we hold dear how we previously looked at our own lifestyle where money outweighs everything. Instead, we should further expand our tentacles to look at how other optimistic people live to find a solution to our problem faced. 


Apprehension, potentially devastating to our health and the way we behave, must be removed in order that we may relish our life with the greatest extent of comfort and optimism. The fact shows that our sense of misgiving may keep us shrinking away from what we intend to accomplish because of the disruption of our personal confidence, and that pessimism is to remain exuberant when our confidence collapses. In light of this, we have to become fully conscious of what to do to make apprehension disappear from our daily life so that our life quality can turn out to be positive and full of hope, leaving no room for the fermentation of apprehension.  





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