Stand firm 


It is undeniable that very often or sometimes we may tend to be somewhat vulnerable, especially when we are defeated or faced with our setback. At this particular point, the concept that we may stand firm is the key to going through such a predicament that we may achieve our ultimate goal. Perhaps some of you ever had the experience of being disrupted in your confidence as a result of your failure encountered. This article may help you stand firm so that your personal objective, irrespective of how arduous it may seem, can be accessible to you on account of your standing firm. 


However stupid we are, we oftentimes have our own wisdom to locate what really means a lot to us as our intended objective. That means, our option as to what we wish to accomplish is rarely groundless. As a result, we must have undergone the process of assessment with regard to our potential ability, inclination and feasibility. Thus, provided we are to readily retreat when faced with failure or any substantial setback, all our investment of time, energy and even money is to be in vain. Aware of this, we have to consider standing firm so that our previous devotion will not turn out to be useless and unproductive. One case of mine can be employed as a convincing illustration to let you have a more comprehensive picture as to what I said above. That is, I once remained skeptical about whether my painting could be finished with satisfaction, resulting from my shortage of personal confidence in my talent. This mental fragility was later found not necessary and detrimental to my personal pursuit in escalating my painting skills. It was my unshakable attitude that helped finish my painting in the end. 


“Stand firm” simply means that you can be indifferent to any criticism or others’ ridicule, and that you are fully conscious of what price you have to pay prior to the emergence of your intended success. The fact shows that from a psychological standpoint, isolation is what we desperately need in grappling with others’ mockery or intervention. Only when we are equipped with such a robust mental discipline will we be able to remain immersed in our own pursuit. So, when it comes to standing firm in what we do, isolating ourselves may have its invincible position. That is, isolation can keep us well shielded from any undesirable interference that may hamper what we long to pursue. 


Indeed, finding out what to do to reach our attempted objective seems fascinating to each one of us. However, many of us overlook the consequence of standing firm as one of the most imperative preconditions for their success. As a result, they are less likely to reach their intended destination, partially due to their more access to retreat or disruption of their confidence. And that is why I highlight the importance of standing firm so that you are not to end up like anyone of them unable to relish the outcome of success.  




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