Stay away from the mainstream


Inundated with the trend of following what is called mainstream, our society has shifted to an ailing situation worth our full attention. For instance, our youths today are recklessly and relentlessly searching for renowned brands in fashion or exotic bands, especially those from Korea featuring nothing but shallow dancing tactics. This situation, if not well harnessed, will keep our youths engulfed in such an infinite abyss that rarely can they be aware of who they are and what they should achieve in the years ahead. To counter this deformity and anomaly, one of the best solutions for them is to stay away from the mainstream, with a view to preventing them from being assailed by the mainstream.


What constitutes the utmost value of a person is the individuality that can be readily eroded because of the encroachment of the mainstream. For this reason, we have to distance ourselves from any activity associated with this potentially treacherous monster to keep our wholesome individuality from being encroached upon by our blindness and stupidity featuring our impulse. For example, many middle-aged people, resulting from their reckless habit of dying hair, suffer from the bladder cancer. In light of this, we must know how to distance ourselves from the repercussion derived from the mainstream so as to keep our individuality intact and healthy. More important is that following the mainstream is no less than an imitation, doing no good to us in terms of enhancing our creativity. Thus, rather than being immersed in following the mainstream, we should shift our focus to something that can trigger our great sense of creativity, such as perceiving insects’ behaviors to receive any inspiration as to how we should behave as a human or pursuing anything relevant to innovation. Only those innovative activities can shed light on us as to the full comprehension about who we actually are and what we should do to make our life better. 


Another significant drawback stemming from following the mainstream is the shrinkage of our money which can otherwise be employed to purchase something instrumental to our learning activities. For example, we may save the money to purchase the books or to pay the tuition fees necessary for our learning. Indeed, I was once stunned to hear of my student’s paying a huge amount of money to attend a concert. From this standpoint comes my strong conviction that we have to redefine whether to follow the mainstream so that our money can be more wisely used to escalate our life quality. This assertion makes even more sense when the economy plummets today.


As has been explicitly delineated above, the mainstream can be referred to as detrimental to us, consisting of the flaws of demolishing our individuality and of diminishing our money. For this reason, we should stay away from what is called mainstream, rather than keep ourselves engulfed in the abyss of the mainstream, where our personal individuality and originality are definitely to be disrupted or devastated for certain. And that is why I put forward this issue today so that none of you is to become victimized by following the mainstream. 




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