How to write a short, concise and superb English article?

Failing to write a satisfactory English article, may students could not receive their intended writing scores, resulting from their inappropriate, insufficient writing practice. In light of this, I find it necessary for me to unravel a series of solutions to your problem faced today in order that you may turn into someone benefiting from your solid, superior English writing skill. Stated below are some of the major points that deserve to have your full attention.

First, a group of sentences have to be made available in advance of stepping into the classroom for English exam. Again, any soldier rarely equipped with advanced military weapons is less likely to survive on the battlefield. By the same token, devoid of a series of typical, persuasive and superior sentences, you are to be classified as an inferior writer for sure. To prevent yourselves from being stranded in this undesirable predicament, you must, at the initial stage, accumulate a series of superior sentences as the cornerstone for your impeccable article. For this reason, those carefully selected sentences from me inside my lecture must be meticulously taken into account and put into effect inside your writing for the sake of escalating your score.

Enhance your quality of writing reflected from your exquisite words and phrases, two indispensable elements that may ultimately determine your intended score. That means, to be able to superficially describe yourself alone, rather than having an in-depth depiction, is not enough to enable you to have a better score, since it is at best a minimum requirement for your writing skill. With this in mind, you are highly encouraged to remain scrupulous in seeking a group of typical, persuasive words and phrases to let you stand out when weighed against your rivals. As a consequence, those vocabularies and phrases I am about to pass on to you must be well embedded in your heart so that your personal value in the spectrum of writing can begin to surface with the aid my guidance.  

Above all, both objectivity and coherence must be made available as well inside your presented article. That means, your article can be representative of both an easy-to-read characteristic and comparative features that can be equivalent to your superiority in analysis that must be in effect founded on comparison to remove any probability of subjectivity. To make your article more desirable among those graders who, supposedly, are to be extremely demanding in quality, you have no choice but to adhere to those points addressed above.

Writing, to me, can be referred to as somewhat facile and achievable, rather than complex and beyond our ability to make it perfect. So long as you are equipped with an appropriate, accurate attitude toward the way you involve writing practice, you are to end up in your wanted victory in the battle against writing exam. That is, the full implementation of what I have explicitly highlighted above may be instrumental to you in securing lots of positive concepts advantageous to your writing exam.   




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