Peace in mind


Stunned to behold countless violent behaviors repetitiously emerging within our society, I feel like singling out this topic, Peace in mind, as the topic for my lecture today. The reason is that our society has deteriorated to such a great extent simply because of the lack of peace in mind among our people. So, if we are able to reinstate our good old tradition featuring the elegant essence of peace, the aggravation of our society can in turn come to a halt. 


Peace is not merely a derivative of good education, but also a result derived from the cultivation of religion that keeps reminding us of how vital it is to remain peaceful in mind. But unfortunately, our education, instead of focusing on behavior, has shifted to academic performance because of what is called pragmatism rampant and thriving within our society. As it turns out, showing good etiquettes to others is not to be venerated; contrary to this, it has been mistakenly perceived or interpreted as an emblem of vulnerability. This enormous misconception, added with people’s strong aspiration to preserve their own interest, has profoundly encroached upon our society. For this reason, the restoration of our good old tradition that underscores the importance of peace is the key to the resumption of peace in our society. 


“Peace can bring us money,” said my dearest mother. I have remained suspicious in what she addressed, as I failed to fully comprehend what she proclaimed as an innocent child. However, as time went by, I began to figure out what she really meant to say at that particular moment. My experience told me that our conflict with our neighbors, though seemingly simple, may possibly keep us distracted in our business, for we have been deeply engulfed in how we should defend ourselves and how to prevent them from assailing us. It is foreseeable that our business performance can be impaired on account of our distraction in what we do. So, from a much more pragmatic point of view, we should remain peaceful in the face of our each precious day so that more money can be made available to us. 


Peace can also give rise to our better health. Among all the ailments is hypertension that is getting increasingly menacing for people’s lives. This can be evidenced by the recent statistics released by the relevant medical institutes. One of the best ways to keep us immune from the incursion of this notorious disease is our well-disciplined mindset, namely, our peace in mind. The fact shows that our health outweighs anything else in our life. Without good health, nothing could be made possible. Thus, instead of succumbing to the seduction of violence, we are supposed to cling to peace to keep our health accessible to us and under our perfect control. 


Now that peace has become such a lonely word, inaccessible to many people manipulated by their inclination to the violence and misbehavior, resorting to our peace in mind is thus the best solution to the predicament prevailing in our society. Aware of those two principal advantages, consisting of both money and good health, we have no reason to remain mindless of peace in mind. Our entanglement with peace can shield us from coming under attack of violence and poorer health. Aside from that, more money is to be accessible to us. That is why there is no way we should despise the importance of peace in mind. 




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