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Life is replete with countless challenges and difficulties, which can be evidenced by a series of challenges we have encountered since our childhood. For instance, we have to undergo numerous academic tests to testify whether we are fully entitled to enter a good college to pave the way for our prosperous future. Now that we are fully aware that it is inevitable to encounter those arduous events, possessing a problem-solving manner tends to be indispensable to us, or we may be stranded in our plight where solution seems to be inaccessible to us. 


It sounds more than normal for us to have either failure or setbacks, since our life does not seem facile at all. In light of this, we have to remain fully prepared to confront this phenomenon so that nothing can defeat us as we are in pursuit of our short-term or long-term goal. But unfortunately, the vast majority of people are more inclined to remain immersed in meditation with a view to finding the solution. To make it worse, what they do is not well founded on a problem-solving manner; as a consequence, they will end up in a disoriented situation where they may possibly become disoriented or engage in doing something that is not to remove the current problem faced. Under such circumstances, lots of precious time and energy are to be wasted in the long run, in the absence of causing the final outcome they have been looking forward to. 


A problem-solving manner can lead to a better recognition among people, especially those people referred to as our colleagues or bosses. Again, productivity is commonly employed to evaluate a person’s authentic value. That means, what we are going to do must be able to generate some substantial benefits to make others fully convinced that we are able to help change the current situation and to make their lives even better off. Only by resorting to our problem-solving manner can we come up with something that can be productive as the very foundation to enhance our personal value among people. Again, people detest those people who are far too immersed in thinking and talking without taking the action, for they are not to give rise to any substantial benefits for them. In contrast to this sort of people, those who are more devoted to finding the final solution are more likely to be highly valued and regarded.  


Problem itself doesn’t constitute the menace of us, but instead it is our eschewing manner that is to hamper us as we are in pursuit of our ultimate goal. In light of this, we must be equipped with an appropriate problem-solving manner with which to tackle our problems faced. With the aid of our problem-solving manner, not merely can we obtain our solution that follows, but we may be better recognized by the other people on account of our reliability because of our pragmatism. That is why I embrace this conception for the rest of my life.





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