Do it while you still can


We often hear of people’s regret in which they wished they had done something specific, but they failed. To prevent yourselves from being victimized like them, you have to do it while you still can. This adage, if put into effect, may come to your aid so that you are not to repeat their tragedies where they failed to fulfill their dreams or objectives. Thus, I find it absolutely necessary for me to pinpoint this conception today so that none of you is to disregard your current time and opportunities available to you. That means, you are to take the immediate action once your idea regarding something you want to carry out pops up in your mind. Now let me further account for why you have to do it while you still can.


To start with, life is imbued with uncertainty, a fatal cause of potential damage to our intended dream. That means, no one can be fully aware of what is going to happen tomorrow. For example, yesterday there was a horrendous earthquake that assailed Mexico, claiming the death toll of more than 58 people. Maybe among them, some people might leave their objectives unfulfilled because of the abrupt, unpredictable natural catastrophe that was beyond human’s control. Because of this consciousness, we, unlike those who do not have any sense of insecurity and uncertainty within their lifespan, ought to treasure each day when we still can harness our precious time to orchestrate something that makes a lot of sense to us. 


Anything, especially our financial situation, can mutate because of the unpredictability of our life activities or human relationship. For example, never should we take it for granted that our parents’ or our own financial situation can always remain wholesome and without any substantial problem. For instance, even our negligible argument with our boss may possibly result in his strong aspiration to sack us so that his authority and personal dignity as a boss can be well sustained without being challenged by any reason, whatsoever. Another point with the same weight is our health situation that can aggravate or decline simply due to any possible reason. For example, leukemia, an ailment caused by the irregular transformation of our blood cell system, can readily assault each one of us whenever possible. To me, the greatest tragedy we might encounter is our inability to fulfill our feasible dream, such as our career initiative or personal objective that does not sound arduous at all. 


What I underscored above was pertinent to whether we are to leave any regret we can rarely tolerate for the rest of our life. That means, in dealing with our life featuring its uncertainty, we have to resort to our pragmatic life concept when it comes to removing any possible regret within our whole lifespan. And that is why I put forward this imperative concept with a view to making you immune from having any opportunity to speak out any regret for your life. 





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