The utmost value of life


Oftentimes, we may have access to some horrifying suicidal behaviors emerging in our society, which is symbolic of something wrong within where we live. Due to human’s instinctive attribute of imitation, it seems that this trend begins to deteriorate to such a great extent that we ought to look more seriously at this phenomenon so as to halt or prevent such a tragic event from recurrence.  


Life, from my standpoint, has to be diverse enough to prevent any single event from being overstated by us. For example, provided a child is granted merely a single toy, the demolition of his toy can be devastating to him. From this perspective comes my conviction that diversity can be employed to perceive our life with more balance and with less extremes. Therefore, too much emphasis placed on one specific object or event is not highly recommended on account of the consideration of the likelihood of losing mental balance. 


Life should be interpreted as a blessing and priceless, rather than as the source of burden or stress. This concept, if well embedded in our minds, may keep us exuberant in confronting our tasks imposed on us each day. At this point, education has its invincible, irreplaceable position in making this concept well accepted and embraced by our youths or adults today who tend to resort to suicide as their best alternative. But unfortunately, our current mechanism of education has been found not paying sufficient heed to the value of life and how to maximize its value. In light of this, we have no choice but to instill a healthy, appropriate life value into our youths today to make them equipped with enough immunity from the encroachment of suicidal attempt. 


Put trust in yourself as the best device to annihilate any possibility where the suicidal attempt can in effect evolve and ferment. The fact shows that many people regard their future, especially when engulfed in a tragic event or enormous setback, as pessimistic and hopeless. As a result, this sort of people are more likely to take into account making use of stupid approach, such as committing suicide, to put an end to their trauma confronted. This situation literally stems from their pessimism and lack of courage and trust in themselves. Given this point, we have to put trust in ourselves as to what we can do to better our life so that we are not to become victimized when assailed by pessimism and melancholy, two fatal elements closely linked to suicide. 


Destruction, in my view, cannot be referred to as an efficacious measure in coping with our life, as a result of its casualty caused, such as the loss of life as well as the disruption of family. With this in mind, we have to perceive our life from a much more positive, constructive perspective to ensure that we may treasure each precious moment available to us to create something that can be beneficial to not only us but those who are so important to our life. 




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