Let us stay behind our athletes


Beholding those athletes’ full dedication to the Game of University, 2017, I have to proclaim that our society, including our government and private enterprises, owe them for their contribution to our country. Anything, if buttressed by substantial financial support, can be executed with better outcome, especially when it comes to sport activities. That means, our athletes, if advocated by financial support, will become more willing to devote all their energy to what they do as professional athletes, without having yet to remain apprehensive about how to make a living. But unfortunately, it seems that our athletes are unable to remain immersed in having a breakthrough for their sport performance simply because all the financial support from both government and private enterprises is found not good enough to keep them focused on what they do. This means, getting involved in sport activities to them is a risk. This situation, if persistent, is to scare away many potential athletes in our country, not a good phenomenon for the development of sport activities in our country. 


I keep wondering why our passion toward their superb performance cannot turn into another enthusiasm to do something more positive and substantial for those fully dedicated athletes. Maybe this situation is derived from our insufficient understanding about how they go through their disciplines imposed on them. Indeed, we cannot afford to remain negligent of what they desperately need to let them be willing to perform better because of enormous financial support that can grant them more incentive to fulfill their dream. More important is that never should we pretend that there is nothing wrong in terms of our compensation package made available to them by our society. So, it is about time for us to look more seriously at what we can do to help them out, especially in the aspect of financial support. 


Provided we look at the current reward system implemented, it is plain to see that only those who win the game can access it. This uneven allocation of fund cannot justly and fully meet the need of those dedicated athletes who are unable to receive the reward because of their inferior performance or bad luck. Though I have no idea what our government can do for those athletes, at least we should keep their benefit as our prime concern so that eventually we may locate the solution to their problem faced. Again, it is up to our strong willingness to help make a huge difference for their future development. With their full devotion, along with our robust support behind them, they can definitely change the way they perform in the long run on the stage of sport competition. 




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