What is your favorite job? And why?


Among all the jobs available out of this world is being a scientist that is perceived as most appealing to me. The fact shows that not everybody will be competent enough to undertake this peculiar job - in which lots of wisdom, intellectual feature, and devotion are needed. That means, unlike other ordinary jobs not in need of specific talent in both science and math, a scientist must be equipped with a series of disparate attributes and disciplines to get the job done. Now let me further account for why the job serving as a scientist means so much to me in the paragraph that ensues. 


A scientist, not confined to any boundary, can be accessible to infinite expedition, with lots of freedom of research granted to him. Though not definite sometimes in terms of his involvement, this job as a scientist will make me expand my boundless tentacles to unlimited things relevant to my research. As a result, though bearing lots of stress for seeking the final objective, I may possibly enjoy the greatest sense of freedom and challenge stemming from my job position. Moreover, this job as a scientist may help turn a new page for human’s evolutionary history. For example, those deeply involved in searching for another planet considered not inhospitable to humans may in a sense determine the survival of humans and their generations to come. In other words, their contribution to the prevention of discontinuity of humans’ evolution is so enormously regarded that this job is viewed as fairly appealing to me. 



Within our lifespan, we cannot avoid dealing with others. However, very often we may have conflict with others because of many reasons. In your case, how can you reduce the possibility of having conflict with others?


Overall, having conflict with others seems inevitable to us, simply because the conflict can be caused by either side between two people. In light of this, knowing how to enormously diminish the probability of emergence of conflict so as to sustain a harmonious relationship desirable, instrumental to us seems indispensable to us. Here is how I am going to reduce the possibility of having conflict with others. 


To begin with, instead of letting the situation deteriorate, I will actively apologize to my counterpart for my inappropriate behavior that led to our conflict, even though it might have been caused by my counterpart. However, this active behavior may help quench the fire of conflict as the precondition for the harmony that ensues. More important is that I will reassess the whole thing relevant to the emergence of conflict so as to locate the genuine reason that engendered our mutual conflict or disagreement. By doing this, I may also obtain lots of more positive concepts as to how to prevent any undesirable event like such. It is my strong, invariable conviction that so long as I may fully implement those two methods indicated above, my conflict with others can eventually be reduced. 




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