A letter to Nancy



Dear Nancy,


An astonishment to me, your superior learning capacity did overwhelm me. This impression has already given me even more impetus to make you able to change from good to better or even the best. Unlike those who tend to be proud of their better performance, you remain somewhat modest and, in particular, aggressive in seeking your ultimate goal. Added with this constructive manner, I remain skeptical that you are to fail for any reason, whatsoever. For the betterment of your learning result, I will hereby send you a message from which you may become more aware of what you desperately need to accelerate your learning in the realm of English. 


Aggressiveness, in my view, is what you fall short of, fatal to your evolution in the domain of English, where more aggressiveness can make you have more success in dealing with the language issue. For example, you may have to consider remaining more aggressive in expressing yourself in order to sharpen your speaking skill. Of course, your inactive attitude may have something to do with your inborn characteristic that can be altered provided you truly comprehend the importance of changing yourself. In my case, I used to be an exceedingly shy boy; however, I changed myself completely when knowing that shyness could be detrimental to me in the course of learning and my personal growth. That is, instead of remaining shy, I changed the way I behaved so that I was able to confront my own life with more aggressiveness and courage. If I could do that, so can you. 


Always interpret your best as not good enough to keep you satisfied. Impelled by this great catalyst, you may have more incentive to achieve something that is beyond your own potential and capability. This concept is closely relevant to what is called insatiable attitude, the function of which may help spur lots of our aspiration to make us become better off than before. Driven by this conception, we may have ongoing intention to do whatever we can to upgrade ourselves so that we are not to remain stagnant, nor will we decline in terms of our ability. 


“Aim high” is another message I feel like sending to you. That means, we will set up a relatively high benchmark for our performance. Only when we detest our poor performance will we keep reminding ourselves of the importance of aiming high as our personal objective. In addition to having the fierce competition that may help impel us, we also have to set up a relatively high target as a beacon to show us which way to go. Buttressed by this good device, we are not to become so readily satisfied with ourselves. 


Given that I should not let you have the feeling of preaching to you, I have no choice but to let this email come to a halt. But again, before putting an end to this email, let me once again tell you that I feel proud of what you have recently accomplished in Aplus, and that you are to bring more pride to us for sure in the future. May God bless you. 


Sincerely yours,


Steve LIN






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