A letter to Nicky


Seemingly intelligent, elegant, and cute, you have finally become one of my students in my class. Equipped with so phenomenal a personal characteristic, you seem to be imbued with lots of wonderful ideas which you may always feel like sharing with us in the class. This situation makes me feel that we are lucky to have you, for you can actively participate in our class with your insightful points that may also inspire both me and the other students in my class. To make you turn out to be a better student, I hereby address some of my personal viewpoints with regard to how you are recommended to live for each precious, encouraging day for the rest of your college life. My hope is that you may feel that some of the points to be raised can be to your advantage. 


A valuable person always knows how to focus entirely on what they do today, and further plan ahead for their tomorrow. As for the past, unless those former experiences can be in our retrospect to make ourselves even better, we are not supposed to be engulfed the horrible memories that deserve to be thrown away from our mind. What actually occurred in the past has little to do with our better future life. So, we have to remain fully preoccupied with today and countless tomorrows so that we may savor a better lifestyle we deserve to have.


Now let me further talk about how to confront our study issue, namely, our learning. Since I was a high school student, I have started to interpret learning as the source of my happiness, not because I was adept at learning, but instead because learning can let me have more knowledge that seems fairly inspiring and beneficial to me. For example, without studying history, never would I know how a government can further evolve because of its ruling style. By studying biology and chemistry, we may more likely know what sort of food should not be taken because of artificial materials used inside the food. The knowledge we acquire from our learning should be viewed as the source of our happiness and excitement, for it may enrich our life. For this reason, never should you interpret study as the source of your stress. Rather, just take it as a way to make your life happier and healthier. In this case, you may become fully aware of why and how you should learn. 


Again, I feel the need of wrapping with my letter to you, or it may turn out to be a book that seems tedious to you and the other students. But anyway, right before I discontinue this letter, I also hope that you may go through each day of your life with happiness and comfort, rather than with fear and tension. This point must be kept in your mind no matter what happens. May God bless you. 


Sincerely yours,


Steve LIN






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