Look for advancement 


If asked what plays a pivotal role in my life, I would without a doubt reply by saying that it is advancement considered irreplaceable in my mind. But unfortunately, the vast majority of youths today are found devoid of this great momentum that can enormously impel them to seek what is called perfection-though it is literally unattainable. What I meant to say is that our incentive to search for advancement may engender a variety of advantages to us, such as the prevention of being phased out, especially when the competition is so fierce in our society. 


Though successful based on our status quo, we may feel the sense of stagnancy of our lifestyle that could possibly make us hard to breathe, if no further action is taken. That is, despite our access to the enjoyment of success, our stagnancy will keep us in the emptiness of heart distant from what is called momentum. In the absence of our vibrant energy stemming from the emergence of our momentum, our aggressiveness and positive attitude toward our life are to subsequently plummet, indeed a crisis to us. This is primarily because hardly can we find any substantial reason good enough to keep ourselves exuberant or to invigorate ourselves in spirit. In light of this, resorting to our incessant advancement can be the assurance for the aversion of such a dilemma. 


In fact, we are exposed to so competitive a society that we ought to know how to survive in one way or the other. If not, we may wind up being ruthlessly phased out. For this reason, we have to ceaselessly search for each opportunity to further advance as a means to keep undergoing each different phase of metamorphosis as the best guarantee for our competitive advantage. So, instead of voicing our personal complaints as to how badly we have been treated by our society, we ought to maneuver ourselves whenever possible for the sake of further advancing ourselves to such a great extent that we are not to be phased out. 


It is simply because of our human nature that we tend to let our efforts come to a halt, since we will crave for a provisional break. However, far too involved in our enjoyment and recreation, we may become mindless of how significant it is to keep advancing ourselves. As a result, we will not have ample impetus to keep our life thriving as it should and can, nor will we remain always wanted and valued. Given this point, we are supposed to look for advancement as our prime concern when going through each precious day. 





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