A letter to Ray, one of my most outstanding students


Dear Ray,

Right after our dialogue conducted yesterday, I feel like putting forward some of my ideas to which you may consider referring when it comes to escalating your business result.

To begin with, never should you become a profit-oriented salesman, as this may possibly blockade many positive, constructive ideas essential and instrumental to your business result. For example, provided you pay too much heed to the issue of profit, your service and loving care for your clients may end up being demeaned or disregarded, for “profit” has prevailed over them. This situation will subsequently do the harm to your intimate relationship with your clients.

Passion, along with your greatest enthusiasm toward what you can do to contribute to your potential or current clients, is what is imperative to your wanted success. Again, you ought to, if possible, have an in-depth expedition as to what this terminology is all about. This is primarily because with the decline or demise of passion and enthusiasm, your strong willingness and greater expectation for yourself are to plummet and face the dead end. Under such circumstances, any attempt to have a prosperous future is unattainable to you.

Setting up a calling pamphlet or blueprint, in which you are, without any exception, recommended to sustain a regular but spontaneous and friendly contact, is a must for your future success. Again, frequent contact is the best guarantee for the fermentation of our friendship that is widely considered a cornerstone for the inauguration of our success. Any irregular or sporadic contact is to erode your client’s confidence and to result in their suspicion for you, in that an authentic relationship cannot be founded on such a vulnerable mechanism of mutual involvement or relationship.

Sales strategy, on the other hand, tends to be extremely vital to your sales result. Again, in my case, you are supposed to figure out the benefit your clients may acquire provided they receive the profit out of their investment. For example, from one million up to five million dollars, you may comprehensively account for what activities they may get involved in and relish when they reach certain amount, i.e. five million dollars. As a consequence, your clients do not have to squander their energy contemplating the relevant figures to identify how to employ their profit earned from their short-term or long-term investment. Again, what I illustrated above could clearly signal that you are currently devoid of this great apparatus to cement your persuasiveness needed for your intended clients. For this reason, there is a desperate need for you to fully assess and comprehend this point.

Keep trying so that your wanted success may come to your doorstep and become within your reach. Why did I have to lay stress upon this issue? The reason is that only by doing so can you identify what went wrong for your previous action taken, and what else you can do to remedy your ineffective measures executed, such as the lack of information or your client’s temporary financial inability. Anyway, any setting or precondition needed for the completion of the deal may vary each day; thus, our incessant efforts and serving willingness have to be made ready anytime so as to have a huge difference or breakthrough for the final outcome.

Again, never should we feel fearful of contacting our potential or current clients, for our contact with them is to be a positive catalyst for many more positive results. For example, your current clients may have their own friends who are considered by them fully entitled to be served by you and enjoy exactly the same benefit you have granted them.

Again, perhaps you are also in possession of some of your tactics that are considered efficacious in coping with your clients. However, those points addressed may offer you another disparate perspective to look at what is called business. Their function, simply put, may help make complete your next steps to be taken with a view to making you eventually accessible to your intended success. 





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