Problem-solving attitude


Featuring the freedom of speech, our society is inundated with extremely vibrant opinions addressed by certain lecturers or speakers on TV. Their original attempt is to address the essence and importance of problem emerging or having existed for quite some time within our society. Although the current or potential problems have been raised, subsequent measures or tactics are often found inadvertently or intentionally overlooked. After all, the revelation of problems may more likely help secure their intended reputation and quick success. As a result, numerous problems continue to do the damage to our society without being improved. For this reason, my lecture today is singled out to engage in a further expedition for the term problem-solving manner, in the hope that you may truly comprehend its definition involved so that you may make more contributions to our society – where we really belong.


Discovering the problem is nearly identical to our spontaneous instinct, such as feeling sick or physical discomfort. That means, most of our findings are founded on our simplistic analysis or superficial perception, not too much involved in complex analysis or assessment. As a consequence, it seems relatively easy to place any compelling comment on certain issues. However, what really matters is the solution that must be subsequently implemented in order to fully annihilate all the problems addressed. But unfortunately, on many occasions, substantial actions or measures are often found nonexistent in the wake of those problems unraveled. As it turns out, those problems still remain. For this reason, we ought to pay more heed to the importance of solution to the problem faced.


Having a problem-solving incentive and attitude, we may relish a much better lifestyle. This is primarily because those problems encountered can in effect trigger our more advanced, comprehensive thinking, something that can make us more intelligent in grappling with our future problems faced. Thus, instead of being closely linked to addressing problems, we ought to be equipped with problem-solving attitude with which to eliminate the problem that may possibly pose a threat to our wellbeing and future prospect. 


Indeed, there seems to be little possibility that our life can be distant from problems, for our life is replete with lots of uncertainty, such as natural disaster or artificial damage. To enable us to enjoy a better life, we are supposed to be in possession of a problem-solving manner so that we may smoothly tackle all the problems that may come into being. Only when we equip ourselves with this attitude can we prevent ourselves from being devastated by those unpredictable problems around us. More important is that our problem-solving manner can help garner better recognition from the other people simply on account of our productivity brought to them. 




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