Drug problem


Stunned to hear the demise of the chief singer of Linkin Park, I have to acknowledge that the problem of drug abuse has been to such a great extent that no longer can we overlook its detrimental repercussion on our society. That is, there is a desperate need for our society to come up with an efficacious strategy to wage the war against drug addiction. Only by shielding our society from being invaded by dissipation of drug can we regain a society immune from the assault of drug addiction, especially among our youths who are also exposed to the temptation of drug simply because of their immature curiosity and blindness to follow the trend. 


To halt the source of drugs should be perceived as the prime concern by our government. Any remedial strategy, such as cracking down the drug trafficker, does not seem appropriate in coping with the drug problem that deteriorates rapidly within our society. In light of this, in addition to greatly enhancing the penalty imposed on those drug traffickers, we ought to severely punish those who involve taking drugs. This preventive measure, if fully implemented, may help blockade the influx of drug so that our youths have no access to drugs. Democracy does not necessarily mean that those involved in drug-related crimes can be granted a sanctuary, featuring insignificant penalty, for their violation of law.


With the aid of appropriate, comprehensive education comes less likelihood for our youths to be ravaged by what is called drug. That means, we have to, through our specially tailored education aimed at eradicating drug abuse, make our youths fully aware of how important it is not to be tempted by drug, notorious and fatal for its addiction effect for humans. More important is that we have to teach them that drug should never be taken into consideration in coping with their setback, frustration, or even fiasco. An appropriate education may send them a crystal clear message that they can relish their life in the absence of drug, something that may demolish their life and families.


Drug problem, which may erode our society and people, must be dealt with prior to the advent of its impasse. In particular, lots of crimes associated with drug abuse also begin to surface within our society, such as the holdup, theft, etc., which will in turn give rise to a chaotic society and make us feel insecure. For this reason, we have to remain adamant in seeking every way possible to wage the war against drug abuse so that our society can regain its safety and order. And in particular, people living there can live without any sense of fear and with comfort.





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