Keep smiling

The concept that smiling is apt to cause wrinkles has profound repercussion upon people’s inclination to smile to others. This phenomenon is in particular prevalent amongst women, in that they are by far more concerned about how they look. As a result, people in Taiwan are found declined to smile to others. This situation is even worse within the metropolitan areas, which can be evidenced by the poker faces readily found in the public transportation system. With this in mind, I’d like to promulgate the concept that smiling to others can be to our advantage.

Smiling can be referred to as another sort of therapy, which can help remove our tendency to have melancholy. Though the theory remains unknown to us, those who tend to smile to others are more likely to be happier and more exuberant in spirit. On the contrary, those who are not inclined to smile to others are more likely to be stranded in melancholy mood, posing a threat to their health. From the perspective of sustaining our good health comes my strong, invariable conviction that we have to discard the wrong traditional concept that previously misled people by its inappropriate, inaccurate cosmetic concept. Only by eradicating this outmoded concept can we have access to a better health derived from our smile.

Smile, if moderately employed, can benefit us when it comes to socializing with others. Smile has its staggering attribute that may help enhance our intimacy with others. This is primarily because our authentic smile can be symbolic of our excellent etiquette and friendliness. And because of this reason, people will be more inclined to feel like getting along with us. That is why smiling to others can pave the way for a much more fruitful human relationship with others. Note that our enchanting smiling face may lay the groundwork for our more satisfactory relationship with others for sure, for intimacy can be made available on account of the emergence of our smile.

For some people, they wonder why they have to smile to others. Their assertion is that smiling to others is a waste of energy and time; as a consequence, remaining cool in their facial expression is regarded as their preference. This situation is to lead to more distance and alienation conceived as fatal to our human relationship and health as highlighted above. Aware of this situation, we are supposed to remain more willing to smile to others to make the prerequisite of our health and better relationship available so that we may truly benefit from smiling to others.   




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