Innovation – best guarantee for your success.

Do you yearn for your wanted success? If so, the following paragraphs can help usher in a variety of concepts to your advantage as you are in pursuit of your intended objective. This is precisely because they may thoroughly articulate why you have to remain innovative in the course of achieving your ultimate goal.

Innovation stands for a stance where never will you contemplate following others’ footsteps, fully independent of their influence as a shadow to hinder your own expedition. Even though doing this can be of great risk, you are more likely to generate something even more valuable, for it is to be perceived as unprecedented and thus with more value, since there is nothing that can supersede what you have already created. That is why many people make strenuous attempts to take part in the contest of invention throughout the world to lead to their foundation for success. From this realistic point of view comes my stout conviction that innovation can be the cornerstone for our intended success.

Innovation, though not definitely standing for the ticket to success, can keep us incessantly searching for more knowledge needed to yield what we wish to innovate. Though arduous and sometimes fruitless prior to the emergence of our breakthrough, our substantial involvement with creation is more likely to make us well equipped with more and in-depth knowledge instrumental to our future career. In contrast to innovation, imitation from others may keep us confined to a restrained situation or boundary where our tentacles are unable to be further expanded. This situation is to subsequently blockade our further opportunities of acquisition for more valuable knowledge. Aware of this point, we, instead of clinging to mimicry as our quick shortcut, ought to remain closely linked to innovation to pave the way for our competitive advantage as well as invincible status.

Another advantage stemming from our innovation is considerable homage we can acquire from what we created. The trend shows that mimicking others’ creation can leave us in the unreserved, ruthless condemnation of being a pirate. Rather than being a strongly condemned pirate, we deserve to be an exceedingly acclaimed person. Under such circumstances, we are not to be demeaned or discriminated against by others - wherever we are. This better acceptance given by others will in turn result in our more comfort and positive perception for ourselves.

Never should we discontinue our learning from others because of their inspiration and stimulus made available to us. However, what we should bear in mind is our reluctance to engage in any replication that can in effect deprive us of our own tentacles to reach out to something unprecedented. On the contrary, we are supposed to be adherent to our innovation as our prime concern. Only by doing this can we be eligible to relish all the benefits derived from innovation.  




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