Reconstruction of morality 


Ubiquitous and overwhelming, violence, along with brutality, within our society has attained the level at which it may pose a threat to our society. Prior to its deterioration, something, in my view, must be done with a view to ensuring that each one in our society may be shielded and immune from the encroachment of violence and brutality. To eliminate violence as well as brutality, here is what I think can be conducted as a device to reach our ultimate goal, namely, reconstruction of our morality.


Morality, unlike stringent and rigid laws, has its enormous impact upon human’s behavior, rather than employing menace as a means to keep people’s behavior aligned or optimized. However, with the rise of freedom and material life, morality, as it turns out, has been marginalized, isolated, or even disregarded by numerous people today. Following this trend, benevolence to others is no longer a prevalent phenomenon among people today. Instead, pragmatism and self-interest have been found rampant in where we live today. Unless reconstructed by morality, our society is to end up being engulfed in the chaos and disorder, which I think is undesirable to us and pessimistic to our pursuit of wellbeing. 


Morality must be passed on to our next generations to come with the aid of education. But unfortunately, it seems fairly ineffective for our current education system, notorious for its too much stress on academic performance and recreational activities, to meet this need. As a consequence, morality is not deeply rooted in our youths’ minds, making it fairly likely for them to derail in terms of their behavior. So, my conviction is that it must be through the education reform that we may let morality be well accepted, revered and in turn highly valued by our people today. 


Prior to the full acceptance of morality among people today, we ought to strongly condemn the emergence of violence and brutality. Doing so can help rehabilitate people’s, especially youth, misconception where violence and brutality can be well accepted as part of their life. Only with the proclamation of people’s robust hostility toward violence and brutality will the law agencies begin to pay heed to what needs to be further rectified for the current laws implemented. That means, the proliferation of discontent and urge to modify the inappropriate, harmful violence can serve as the catalyst for the transformation of time-honored bureaucracy of our legal system. 


Oftentimes, we may hear how much people miss their good old times, when there was by far less violence and brutality. Ironically, more advanced education to which people may have access today cannot influence people’s behavior better than before. From this illustration comes my invariable conviction that the decline of morality lies in our in appropriate education system. Thus, by the reform of our incompetent, inappropriate education system, we may witness the thriving morality in our society that can prevail over both violence and brutality inside our society. 





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