What makes stone so special?


In the recent weeks, I have been devoted fully to stones with a view to further embodying my personal perception toward diverse colors. Doing this can lay the foundation for my robust concepts in terms of how to apply colors to my painting. As a consequence, I have browsed countless photos via the Internet, from which I may acquire lots of conceptions instrumental to my assessment with regard to numerous colors that make sense to me in the spectrum of painting. Strikingly, in the course of looking at those stones exhibited on the screen, my intertwined involvement with them came into being. Now I would like to share some of my shallow viewpoints in regard to stones and their specialties belonging exclusively to them. 


Stones are highly valued mainly owing to their time-honored history. As a result, there is no way we can manufacture them in our lifespan. This peculiar characteristic has made stones so intriguing to us, since they have to undergo millions and millions of years prior to their final formation. Just by simply calculating their duration involved, we may be stunned to behold how they turned out to be so valuable to us. That means, prior to the emergence of their exquisiteness reflected from their unique shapes or hues, the accumulation of time is definitely an inevitable prerequisite. By the same token, before your success comes, the investment of time and your energy can be referred to as a precondition that should not be overlooked. This is exactly the priceless inspiration I derived from stones. 


Scarcely can we find two stones looking exactly the same. Thus, each stone picked up by us is in possession of its uniqueness and irreplaceable features, such as its eccentric patterns, colors, lines and so forth. Again, when it comes to its individual value, it depends on our perspectives that stand for our own subjective recognition. This phenomenon can also be symbolic of our stupidity to blindly follow what is called mainstream at the cost of losing our own individuality that really matters to us as an independent person. However, stones are not in a position to mislead us by telling us how important it is to isolate ourselves inside our own ivory tower, but instead they seem to show us the importance of positively valuing ourselves and self-exploration for our own personal value and potentials. 


Stones can serve as a reminder to us that we have to have access to nature as the best guarantee for the quality of our life. Those stones displayed in any spot of the city were attempted to satisfy humans’ vanity or curiosity, ending up in the shortage of vitality and spontaneity. Stones, I think, belong to nature so that they seem to be on behalf of nature to wave its hands to us. Thus, whenever beholding stones, you should urge yourself to access nature so that the message sent to you by them is not to turn out to be a waste. Indeed, our ancestors used to live in perfect harmony with nature; however, we are now confined to the horrible jungle of city, which is considered detrimental to our wellbeing, and which cannot afford to be deliberately neglected. 


Stones, in my view, can be instrumental to us. That means, they may in serenity engage in a mutual communication with us while we are exposed to them. As a result, our life concept, along with our temperament, can be upgraded or well guided. Again, they, based on my remark indicated above, are composed of those functions, consisting of reminding us of the importance of accessing nature, emblem of self-value, and inspiration for the accumulation of time needed for our life. For these reasons, I interpret stones as something replete with profound inspiration to us, and thus they are worthy of our access to them. 





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