What a perfectionist means


Since people always take it for granted that perfection is nonexistent, seeking being a perfectionist is undoubtedly a fantasy or an unattainable dream. Thus, this term has been widely despised or ridiculed as a result of its impracticality. However, from another more positive perspective to look at the essence of perfectionism embraced by a perfectionist, we may more or less locate what constitutes a person who is less likely to be defeated, and more likely to be worshiped or acclaimed on account of his superiority in performance. Now let us delve into the boundary of main constituents that make up a perfectionist. Your finding, I believe, can be of great inspiration to you. 


A perfectionist will very likely be perceived as weird or extremely picky. This situation is to in turn make people lose their patience in dealing with him primarily because of his highly demanding feature for everything concerned with his performance. As a consequence, there is a likelihood that he may end up being isolated. Overall, this phenomenon can be referred to as a negative repercussion derived from being a perfectionist. Anyone wishing to adhere to his own speciality as a perfectionist has to be fully aware of this consequential drawback so that he may act accordingly when dealing with others. 


On the other hand, a perfectionist is more likely to turn out to be a candidate for success. Though not considered desirable among people sometimes, he is to impose tremendous stress upon his own performance. As a result, he will tend to be insatiable for his current achievement made. That means, he will do whatever it takes to ameliorate his performance, which I believe is the catalyst that leads to his superior metamorphosis that can subsequently make him invincible in terms of his capability. Simultaneously, he may more likely acquire his better competitiveness that can help defend himself when engulfed in what is called fierce competition within our society.  


After having known the advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist, you must have obtained your own perceptions as to whether you deserve to be a perfectionist in the long run. Regardless of what sort of conclusion you will come up with, it is always constructive and worthwhile to have more awareness as to the true definition of a perfectionist. This is based on the assertion that provided we may have a more comprehensive understanding regarding the specialties of a perfectionist, we can be somewhat inspired when it comes to what sort of life philosophy we may have for the rest of our life. That is, it does not necessarily mean that we have to be a perfectionist; however, at least we will know how to deal with those featuring perfectionism as their own unique personality. 




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