If you have something to invent for humans, what could it be? And why do you want to create it?


Pervasive and increasingly deteriorating, cancer has long been regarded as fatal to human’s health. But unfortunately, there has been no effective medicine or relevant therapy found this far, which actually triggered my strong attempt to invent a medicine particularly for eradicating cancer. 

This medicine, if made available, can be instrumental to countless people suffering from this lethal disease and to those who are exposed to the potential threat derived from cancer. This medicine must be suited to patients in terms of its cost so that anybody can be accessible to it for better treatment. That means, even those who are relatively poor may benefit from the emergence of this great medicine.


Cancer has posed a threat to humans, with the ages ranging from early childhood to old age. This means, anybody can be encroached upon by this fatal disease. Many of them were forced to stop enjoying their lives that could have been prolonged if they had had the medicine I wish to invent. Perhaps because of the advent of this powerful medicine, many tragic events stemming from cancer can thus be eschewed or prevented at length. As a result, human’s society can be immune from the menace of cancer. And because of this peculiar reason, I would like to invent a medicine that can help remove human’s most arduous opponent, namely, cancer.


Most often used sentences:

1. This is the only problem that bothers how we manufacture our product.

2. My prime concern is whether your company may meet our requirement of the latest shipping date. 

3. The electricity system was shut down for unknown reason. This is what caused the problem of our production. 

4. She is far too fat; therefore, she must be on a diet.

5. She is found hard to deal with; as a result, people begin to distance themselves from her.

6. She didn’t reveal why she quit from her job, nor did she leave any message as to when she would return to her office. 

7. As he was immersed in the preparation for the upcoming exam, so were numerous people who needed this job.

8. We cannot accept the way your company tried to compensate our loss as a result of your defective products, which I believe are not to be         accepted by our customers. 

9. This problem really lies in how we installed our machine, not originating from the initial design. 

10. This system can be made complete with the aid of your sophisticated design. 

11. It was not until we found those flawed products that all the transformers sent to us were flawed. 

12. I are faced with stock out which will in turn ruin our reputation among our customers, and which will also scare away our potential customers. 

13. My problem is that the test is badly designed, and that I was not fully prepared for that. 


Powerful phrases:

1. lie in 

2. has little to do with

3. makes sense 

4. as to = about 

5. for the sake of = for the purpose of 

6. That is to say = that is = namely

7. be derived from = stem from 

8. As long as = so long as 

9. with a view to + ving 

10. As a result of = thanks to = owing to = due to




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