Be nicer to others


Throughout our whole life, we have been taught to compete against others in order to relish the success and profit that belong exclusively to winners. It is not uncommon that this phenomenon can be referred to as a derivative of our social value, and of the society of free competition. However, there is no competition aiming at making people to be nice to others. Even worse, there is an increasingly prevalent notion that we have to be nicer to ourselves. This self-centered notion may lead to our indifference to the need of being nice to others, since our own interest has become our top priority when we go through each day. Aware of this, I’d like to look more closely at the issue of being nicer to others.


Fierce competition has led to our focal point where our own survival has been widely interpreted as our prime concern. As a result, people tend to be more protective than ever before. As it turns out, the concept of being nice to others has been understated, and it very often is conceived as unnecessary. This indifference to others may pave the way for our reluctance to be nicer to others, for it is not directly linked to how we can better survive within our society. This misconception, if any, may be of great detriment to our society and those people who inhabit there. For example, both enthusiasm and help to others may become two lonely words despised and brutally disregarded by people because of their inability to augment people’s competitiveness desperately needed for their survival. For this reason, instead of paying too much heed to our own survival, we have to revitalize the concept of being nicer to others to keep the whole society on the right track.


Peace and harmony are supposed to be highly regarded and buttressed by the vast majority of people within our society. Their emergence may help wipe out any sanctuary for the incubation and fermentation of conflicts and violence that follows. With the decline of our economy, people ended up seeking whatever they could to keep their survival intact as their prime concern; as a consequence, being nicer has been perceived as obsolete and pretentious. So, only when we recuperate our good tradition featuring both peace and harmony can we bring back a society replete with both peace and harmony as the very foundation of our hospitable society. 


Fed up with chaos and violence, modern people have no choice but to have the proclamation that a more stringent punishment for violent behaviors has to be put into effect. However, this mechanism seems infeasible and less effective within our current legal setting. The best solution to the problem faced is to dissipate the concept of being nicer to others as our invincible, irreplaceable and most valued element of our life. When exposed to the concept of being nicer to others, we are not to leave any room for the existence of conflicts and violence in our society. 





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