Let us help the youths 


Though our youths are somewhat immature, inexperienced, or not fully professional, this does not constitute a good pretext for us to discriminate against or demean them, in that they can be referred to as part of our community. Since they are so closely attached to us, we have to do whatever it takes to help them adapt perfectly well to our job market where they really belong. With the aid of our benevolent helping hands comes their opportunity to go through a smooth transition prior to becoming totally suited to our job market. To this end, here are some of my personal viewpoints as to what we can do to help them out for this matter. 


Perceive them from their perspectives, rather than from our obstinate ones that could very possibly hamper our mutual communication with them. By virtue of locating their life value and eagerness to be themselves, we may successfully lay out an initiative with which to embody their mental strength, personal dignity and, in particular, their sense of accountability. But unfortunately, they have long been labeled as a weird generation hard to dissolve themselves into our society. This fatal prejudice, if not eradicated, may do the harm to their acceptance desperately needed for their growth. Again, our youths, who also went through the process of education, should be good enough to be reshaped if needed. 


Moreover, spend more time and energy with them in order that they are not to be left alone when striving for their advancement and progress. I used to be one of them and first launched myself into the job market. Those senior colleagues, probably thanks in part to the traditional culture of the company, didn’t pay too much attention to me as a means to keep their dignity as a senior well sustained. Under such circumstances, it was quite hard for me to work closely with them, and thus had the feeling that they were inaccessible to me, for they were fully immersed in what they had to do as their routine. Regardless of my emergence there, they preferred to leave me alone, for they had the subjective ideology that whether or not I might survive there had little to do with them. After all, my success in my job position may possibly pose a threat to their promotional opportunity. Had they been more willing to spend more time and energy for me, things could have been different. I mean, I could have felt that working there was a nice experience on account of the existence of warmth and helping hands. 


Doubly important is that we have to make good use of their innovative thinking as the source of our catalyst to come up with a new idea instrumental to our company. Again, what they have been taught is not a solid learning mechanism inheriting what is called imitation, but instead they are replete with ideas that could be to the advantage of a company. It is my strong conviction that with the influx of their creativity, it may predictably spark new ideas to remove our obsolete approaches that could possibly blockade many good opportunities for breakthrough. 


It is undeniable that we are in need of our youths to keep our society, including the job market, exuberant because of their vitality, together with their originality. To make them able to undertake the tasks imposed on them, something must be done, instead of voicing our complaints against them. Knowing that they are literally varied from us, their forerunners, we must take into consideration what we may substantially help them as a cornerstone for their mature metamorphosis so that they can in effect function well in the job market at length. 





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