Replete with pessimism, marked by the stagnancy of youth’s initial salary, our society is now going through an unprecedented shortage of confidence. As a result, many bold investments are to come to a halt, subsequently having a negative repercussion upon our youths today. For example, faced with the bleak future prospect, they have been stranded in their collapse of confidence for their future, followed by their unwillingness to confront their upcoming challenges with greater expectation as well as optimism. So now let us have a close glance at the term confidence to see how much it may influence our future prospect.


Confidence, if made available, may let us go through each day with comfort and greater expectation. This is primarily because we will end up having a much more optimistic standpoint when coping with our challenges faced. With the emergence of confidence comes our immunity that may prevent us from being assailed by the sense of pessimism fatal to our mental strength needed for the tasks imposed on us. For example, if a youth is equipped with sufficient confidence in himself, a provisional low salary is not to demolish his greater expectation toward his future. The reason is that he knows with confidence that he may become promoted or noticed by his boss as a result of his better performance and more devotion made to where he works. Under such circumstances, there is no way he is going to be unfairly or unreasonably treated. 


“An ingenious doctor can never heal a patient in the absence of confidence,” said one of my professors in the USA. This short but impressive and convincing statement must be kept by those who are devoid of confidence in facing their forthcoming future challenges, especially in their job career. In particular, those who always help themselves are more likely to be assisted or shielded by God, perhaps resulting from the fact that self-reliance is the key to our problem faced. Based on this assertion, never cast doubt for the essence and importance of our confidence as what we can count on in the battle against any undesirable issue inclusive of a relatively low initial salary. That is, your ample confidence may help you go through a temporary plight and stick to your intended objective with persistence. As time goes by, you are to be noticed, wanted and better valued for sure. At that moment, your greater performance can be definitely reflected from your salary. 


A catalyst for our better achievement and superior performance, confidence is so essential to us that never should we understate its importance. Rather than being confined to our pessimism and suspicion, we ought to remain confident in the confrontation of our future challenges. Again, our far-sighted vision, together with our confidence, is what we need when it comes to combating our life difficulties. That is, our confidence may usher in our strong sense of self-recognition, followed by our stronger willingness to take all the necessary measures to make a huge difference for our life. 





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