How to master English


For some people, English may be an obstacle to them. And others may have difficulty achieving their breakthrough needed for the mastery of English. Considering this, I find it literally necessary to help unravel some tactics that may be further employed to subdue the ordeal of mastering English so well that your English ability can be to your advantage when it comes to vying for your own objective. 


First of all, you must have a phenomenal characteristic of being someone detesting being second to somebody. Impelled by this mighty incentive, you are to incessantly seek the maturity and impeccable metamorphosis for your English ability. This point, when weighed against having a mentor, is more influential to the mastery of your English ability. But unfortunately, rarely can I witness this sort of students throughout my teaching career. Prior to my career comes to a halt, I do hope that I may have such a great privilege to encounter someone like that. Indeed, when it comes to learning English, we may be faced with innumerable pretexts for us to distance ourselves from English. We tend to feel comfortable even when we alienate English on a provisional basis or inadvertently on account of our hectic lifestyle. For this reason, only when we intend to become unrivaled in the realm of English can we prevent ourselves from being stranded in such an undesirable predicament.


In addition to that, you ought to locate a paradigm and make yourself in contrast to him whenever possible so that you can truly understand how far you have been going and how much effort is needed to keep up with him/her. This situation, with its definite direction and criteria, may keep us staying on the right track, instead of derailing while we are in pursuit of something that means a lot to us. In the darkness, the function of beacon is to be highly valued because so many ships may have it to count on in the course of finding their own way. Aware of this consequence, you ought not to make yourself disoriented simply because of nonexistence of your own paradigm. Thus, rather than paying too much heed to your own learning situation, you must assess the disparity between you and your icon so that you are not to be left in blindness when it comes to your own assessment for your personal competence in English. 


It is foreseeable that the importance of English is to skyrocket with the emergence of globalized economy which seems nearly inevitable and has become the trend of worldwide economy. From this standpoint comes the perspective that mastery in English is something you cannot overlook when it comes to having your own competitive advantage. Reminiscent of what we have gone through for those two imperative points, you must have known what to do to make mastery of English available to you.  





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