Let curiosity lead to your happier life


Oftentimes, people are inclined to relate the source of our happiness to material life as a result of abrupt change of our society and life value. However, the price we have to pay very often can be beyond what we can afford. Under such circumstances, we are not to be pleasant for sure, caused by our pressure and financial burden to make ourselves accessible to material life. Now I’d like to usher in another simple, easy way to acquire our wanted happiness, namely, curiosity. It is my cordial anticipation that you may also find it a good way to access your own happiness each day.


Curiosity, if appropriately employed on a daily basis, may help escalate our perceptive capacity, critical to our awareness as to how others behave and their inclination as the foundation for us to know how to deal with them. In other words, the more curiosity we have, the better perception we are to have for sure. This will subsequently influence our learning efficiency because of our knowing how to look at things from a much more significant perspective. With the accumulation of our experience of perceptions comes our more acute observational, absorptive capability that can be instrumental to our life. 


On many occasions we have to count on knowing how people live as a mirror to reflect how we should live. For example, while taking a look at how Gandhi lived before, we are to know how elegant it is not to use violence to counter our problem faced. Moreover, curiosity can let us have unlimited exposure to what is going on in our world. This may in turn profoundly influence our attitude toward our own life. That means, the way we behave may also be upgraded because of accessing some behaviors worthy of our learning. With the metamorphosis of our behavior comes more maturity of our personality and wholesome characteristics. 


Curiosity can be referred to as one of the best devices to tackle monotony, something that can keep our life stagnant and not appealing to us, followed by our sense of frustration. Given this point, we should let our curiosity function to such a great extent that life can be viewed as exuberant and worth our involvement and pursuit. For example, when dealing with our mechanical routine, we may contemplate what we can do to better our performance as a result of our curiosity. As a consequence, we may try to look at what we do from a totally different perspective so that our sense of boredom can thus be removed. A mechanical routine may constitute the source of our boredom and impatience. To well counter this problem faced, resorting to our curiosity to see or to do more things can be a good choice to us.


A source of our momentum toward our life, curiosity has been to my advantage for several decades. Accompanied by this great element, barely did I feel that life is boring and mechanical, for many new things just keep occurring in front of me anytime. Thus, my life is imbued with diversity and vividness that leave no room for a tedious life I detest most. Conscious of the positive functions derived from curiosity, you should avail yourself of this great apparatus to enrich your life as the source of your happiness.  





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