Describe a person who means a lot to you, including your encounter with him, including the time and place involved. And further describe why he means so much to you.


Undoubtedly, it is my mother who is perceived as meaning a lot to me. She gave birth to me as the very reason as to how we encountered each other. She had accompanied and shielded me nearly for the rest of her life in the absence of voicing her complaints. Buttressed by her company and greatest assistance, rarely did I have to confront my own life alone, nor did I experience so-called helplessness. In short, our encounter did mark an impeccable beginning for the embodiment of my wholesome personality, profoundly influential to the rest of my life. 


Here are a handful of reasons that make her mean so much to me. First of all, she is marked by her ample generosity and sympathy toward anyone she met. That is, instead of being selfish and possessive, she was willing to grant her helping hands to those who are in desperate need of help or support. As I reminisce, she often financially helped those poorer families in our neighborhood. Inheriting this benevolent legacy, I have always been inclined to make my help accessible to those in need whenever possible. More important is that never did she ever succumb to any difficulty she encountered. “God will never blockade our path to survival,” said my mother. This dogma is still enshrined in my heart, making me fearless of all my obstacles or troubles faced. For these two primary reasons, I interpret my mother as the one who means so much to me and remains indelible to me, as a consequence. 




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