Homage: the key to harmony


It is beyond doubt that a nicer society must be well founded on what is called harmony. This element, having long been ignored by people in Taiwan, deserves to be readdressed with a view to greatly reducing the prevalence of conflict or violence considered fatal to the security of our society. 


Due to our different life value, education, religions and even family background, this paves the way for the subsequent emergence of conflicts. This situation, if not well tackled, may in turn lead to hostility that is to undermine a good, harmonious relationship between both sides. As a result, we have to, in the first place, acknowledge and adopt the variations of each other as a prerequisite to annihilate our problem faced. Thus, instead of forcing the other side to accept what we highly value, we should perceive things from a much more objective point of view so as not to be stranded in our own stupidity or prejudice. Only by doing this will we prevent ourselves from being biased when it comes to analyzing things. 


Unfortunately, our society has fallen into the dilemma where being considerate of others has been interpreted, especially among our youths today, as unnecessary or obsolete. As it turns out, many people are mindless of how others feel and what they are concerned about. As a result, impolite manners begin to surface among people, followed by more ruthless actions taken by them as a means to confront their conflict with others. For this reason, there is a desperate need for us to revitalize our good old tradition featuring our kindhearted attitude, along with our reverence toward others. With the aid of these two vital devices comes more likelihood that we can live in a society where conflict and violence are to be highly detested and opposed. 


Indeed, it is undeniable that the fermentation of homage to others is closely linked to cultivation that can change the way we perceive things from a much more positive, unbiased perspective. Provided our education has been found ineffective or unable to eradicate the crisis of declining homage within our society, we have to reshape a good mechanism of education with which to make homage pervasive in each corner of where we live and belong. That means, education plays a pivotal role in making people despise and abhor both violence and conflict so that we may have access to a desirable society marked by harmony. 





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