Painting and English writing


Undoubtedly, all of you are strongly determined to greatly escalate your English writing skill, or you would not appear right here today. With this in mind, I find it instrumental to unveil some fundamental concepts employed in my learning procedure of painting that are somewhat akin to those of learning English writing. It is my anticipation that those concepts be fully implemented in your task of learning English writing so that you may make available your breakthrough in the course of coping with English writing. 


First of all, they, English writing and painting, both are in desperate need of patience, for it is time-consuming to prevail over all the techniques involved. Thus, those devoid of this feature are found not accessible to their intended success. Thus, to subdue the difficulty of English writing, patience should be perceived as your prerequisite by which to have further progress and ultimate success. Again, patience has little to do with any technique issue; however, its imperative essence that can lead to your desired success cannot be overlooked as you are involved in English writing. In other words, its mental effect upon our perseverance and incessant efforts cannot be neglected. 


Principles, notably known as approaches and logical concepts, are another peculiar feature emerging in both English writing and painting. Though marked by their infinite boundary and great extent of obscurity, they both own their own respective rules for comprehension. Again, those rules involved may possibly tend to be somewhat intricate; you may sort out their intricacy by means of more employment of those concepts on a more frequent basis. For example, the concept of combining different hues on the painting in a way remains rigid and not flexible. Hence, you ought to comply with their relevant rules in order that what you are to present may be conceived as grammatically accurate and able to be readily read. Again, it may take a little while prior to achieving a comprehensive awareness about English grammars, whereas your persistence is to make you cross the barriers ahead of you without any doubt. 


Creation, another significant element, is another factor that must be taken into account when it comes to English writing. This phenomenon can send us a clear-cut message that we are the one fully harnessing how we intend to interpret things, immune from any outer intervention. What we write can in effect reflect our greatest sense of freedom. That means, the feeling of freedom can also engender our happiness and satisfaction, for we may personally behold what we create in our own way. As a result, our full enthusiasm and positive perception toward English writing will not decline for any reason, whatsoever. 


Fully aware of the similarities of English writing and painting, you may very likely come up with your own concept as to how to perceive your own learning toward English writing. Those concepts addressed above, if taken into careful consideration, can be instrumental to the evolution of your learning in the spectrum of English writing. My conclusion is that once able to locate those principal concepts of learning, we may very likely be accessible to our wanted success at length.  





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