An organic farmer 


Conceived as insane and ruthlessly ridiculed by his neighbors or even by his beloved family members, this organic farmer has left me an indelible, permanent impression. His positive life philosophy and attitude toward his career as an organic farmer are still embedded in my mind, hard to be erased on account of the following reasons.


To begin with, his sense of optimism, whenever he was defeated by the weather that plays a decisive role in his harvest, made him immune from any setback or frustration. I remain skeptical that I can turn out to be as optimistic as he was, especially when he was faced with so much stress derived from his financial crisis. For example, less than ten percent of harvest ratio could have been a fairly convincing reason to make him take into account retreat. However, rather than succumbing to this dilemma confronted, he adhered to his personal original idealism, offering consumers trustworthy agricultural products, inclusive of tomatoes, corns and other seasonal vegetables. Indeed, it was my first experience of eating vegetables totally in the absence of any apprehension; therefore, I perceived my access to his organic vegetables as my blessing. The stark contrast reflected from his farming field and that of others did fully convince me that my purchase of vegetables from him was indeed a right option. For example, his farming field tended to be far more disorganized and replete with wild weeds and notorious pests precisely because no chemicals have been used for his farming fields. The sense of security is to keep me remaining a loyal client to him for good for sure. 


Another specific characteristic belonging exclusively to him was his incessant learning attitude to locate the solution to his problem faced. As a result, he would cling to any learning opportunity to enhance his organic farming technique in the battle against natural pests, which seems to inspire me as well in dealing with my students who are in need of my help to escalate their English ability. Vastly more important is that his perseverance was what made me overwhelmed. Faced with his failure or loss of money, rarely did he reveal his words of frustration or abandonment. The way he looked at the ordeals was found good enough to let him be viewed as my paradigm from whom I could inherit an attribute instrumental to me for the rest of my life. 


I was delighted that I was accessible to this great organic farmer, whose spirit and life philosophy can be of great inspiration to me. In particular, I was able to enjoy an unprecedented experience of eating vegetables without the sense of fear for fatal chemicals imposed on the vegetables I consumed. For this reason, I will keep placing my orders for his organically cultivated vegetables as one of the best means to show him what he has actually done is accurate and means a lot to all his consumers. And that is also why he was singled out as what I write today for my lecture. 





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