Don’t have too many minds.


People tend to have the misconception that having a diverse lifestyle is the guarantee for their happiness because of the emergence of diversity and vividness. However, in real practice, this does constitute a phenomenon contradictory to our pursuit of happiness. That is, distraction has in effect demolished the delicacy of what we do, thus leaving us in the abyss of dissatisfaction, followed by our unhappiness or even resentment. Thus, we are not supposed to have too many minds in order that our lifestyle featuring exquisiteness can be made possible. 


One fatal derivative stemming from too many minds is conspicuously distraction, a factor that may diminish our quality that really matters when it comes to exhibiting our capability. For this reason, one of the best ways to tackle this problem is to remain fully immersed in what we do, instead of being distracted as a result of having too many minds. This phenomenon can be further evidenced by the learning situation inside the class, where students’ learning efficiency will be totally disintegrated as they listen to the lecture and play their cell phone simultaneously. Another horrifying fact is the bus driver’s playing cell phone that caused the casualty of his passengers, which is convincing enough to make us fully aware of the desperate character of having too many minds. 


To counter the problem of distraction prevalent among our youths today, turning to the discipline of meditation can be viewed as effective and far from costly. This approach has been greatly recommended by numerous psychologists and psychiatrists, who proclaimed that too many minds can be wiped out with the aid of total concentration as we are engaged in meditation. But unfortunately, this powerful device, though efficacious in dealing with the problem of distraction, has been widely overlooked in our hectic society. Provided our intricate lifestyle is found inevitable to us through each day, we have to locate our solution to the problem faced, or the situation may very likely deteriorate. 


To some extent, I used to be the one benefiting from being distant form too many minds in my college career; as a consequence, little did I experience the traumatic result, namely, inferior learning efficiency caused by my distraction in the course of learning English. This authentic instance may explicitly account for why it is imperative for us to distance ourselves from too many minds, detrimental to our learning efficiency known as the very foundation for our future performance. Though we may be somewhat isolated due to our solitude needed for our preoccupation, our competence and superiority reflected from what we do are to make us fully convinced that all that we previously invested has been paid off. 


Aware of those disadvantages derived from having too many minds, especially distraction harmful to our learning, we have to act accordingly. That is, seeking a much simpler lifestyle can be a preference to us, for it may successfully eradicate or minimize the undesirable distraction. Added with another apparatus called meditation, we are to remain intact when exposed to such a diverse lifestyle within our society. 




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