Be kind to others


Overwhelmed by the recent frequent occurrence of violence and conflicts in Taiwan, I was stunned to behold this phenomenon, and thus feel like revealing how I feel toward this situation. Indeed, as part of our society, I cannot help but single out this topic as what we are going to look deeply into for my lecture today. Inside this article are some insightful viewpoints that can be employed to counter this arduous problem faced. 


With the rise of proclamation for the utmost value of freedom and creativity that have been overly valued, people in Taiwan have somewhat abused or distorted the true definition of both freedom and creativity. As a result, remaining benevolent as people deal with others has no longer been conceived as a prerequisite or a preliminary requirement of behavior. As it turns out, people have got accustomed to feeling declined to be kind to others. In other words, their priority is to pursue the entirety of their own convenience or interest, paving the way for numerous causes of mutual conflict. Given this situation, there is a desperate need for us to redefine the true meaning of freedom and creativity so that no violence can find its sanctuary because of the inundation of both cultivation and elegance featuring the value of education. 


Let us reshape our society by detesting the emergence of violence within our society so that we may feel the greatest sense of security when going through each day. To this end, never should we unconditionally anticipate to have any infeasible, impractical obsession for benevolence. That is, the inborn inferiority, composed of selfishness and indifference, must be removed with the aid of more stringent provisions, provided the current stipulations have been found ineffective in dealing with what is called violence that intimidates our living quality marked by both harmony and peace. Again, the rampant emergence of violence does reflect the problematic attribute of our society, in need of a feasible and comprehensive strategy to discontinue its deterioration. Only by doing this can we reassure that we have such a great privilege to enjoy a life immune from the intimidation of violence. 


It is inevitable that in the pursuit of freedom and human right, people may become abusive in seeking what they want. This is primarily because they fail to set up criteria best suited to their demand of behavior. As a consequence, violence can be better accepted by themselves as a result of nonexistence of self-discipline, along with the homage paid to others. Aware of this aggravating situation, we ought to resort to both education and efficacious legitimate system to turn things around so that we may relish our life without having yet to remain apprehensive with respect to violence, our fatal opponent. 





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